Malani Kayuni fights Tanzanian tomorrow


Malawian boxer Malani Kayuni faces a Tanzanian boxer tomorrow in Mzuzu.

The Tanzanian Mutabanzi Lukashini and Kayuni will fight in an international bout organised by Baghdad Boxing promotion.

The fight will be held at Obrigado Leisure Park in the city of Mzuzu.

Speaking to Malawi24, Baghdad Boxing Promotion owner Willard Mwamlima said Malawians should expect a big fight.

“This bout is different to other boxing matches people have ever watched in Mzuzu, this is big,” said Mwamlima.

In an interview, Kayuni warned his opponent to expect a tough fight saying he does not expect the fight to reach sixth round.

“Am ready and am telling him wherever he is, am warning him that he will not reach up to round six,” said Kayuni.

He added that people in Mzuzu have been watching fights that lasted up to round 8 but this time such a thing will not happen.

Mutabanzi was expected to arrive in the country on Friday.

The winner of the fight will go home with K250,000.

There will also be a lot of supporting bouts before the main one, and many other entertaining activities.




  1. amumenye kwambiri wa ku Tz kaya mpaka kukomora anthu oyipa ofuna kutibera nyanja..iya…. kkkkkk , zichoka ku sports zipita ku personal………

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