African country makes history

Pierre Nkurunzinza

The continent has recorded history following a brave move by one of its countries that has disregarded warnings by the international community.

Burundi has dominated headlines for being the first country in the world to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC). This follows the East African country’s request to part ways with the international justice body, which was submitted last year.

Pierre Nkurunzinza
Pierre Nkurunzinza: His country (Burundi) breaks a record.

Bujumbura’s intent to withdraw from the Rome statute came after the judicial body revealed its plans to investigate possible war crimes related to the 2015 violence when President Pierre Nkurunzinza was vying for third term.

The country’s envoy to the United Kingdom, Ernest Ndabashinze told BBC yesterday that the ICC has become a foreign policy instrument that is used by powerful countries against Africa.

His views are in tandem with what a great proportion of Africa believes. The ICC is unpopular in the continent as it is claimed to target only Africa. This is despite the ICC having an African for a prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda from Gambia.

However, Bensouda denies the bias claim on the grounds that the court protects rights of Africans in the course of undertaking its justice works.

The ICC has since its inception in 1998, dealt with African leaders in almost all its cases. The court has handled 15 African cases involving African leaders and alleged warlords, among others.

Gambia and South Africa also made the application to withdraw from the court alongside Burundi, only for their efforts to be frustrated.

Change of regime in the former led to revocation of the application. South Africa failed to reach far as its judicial body stood in its way to freedom from ICC.





  1. African leaders don’t want to be held accountable for their crimes! That’s why they withdraw…it has nothing to do with any bravery! So this is just a stupid article written by a stupid person!!

  2. Kuruzinza refused to step down and unleashed a reign of terror on Burundians. Knowing that ICC will come for him he jumped from the train… Nothing to celebrate..

  3. Bravo Bujumbura. All African countries need to withdraw from this nobsensical international court. Why should this court target African leaders only? Let us establish our own international African court. Let the ICC be a whiteman’s court.

    1. It’s cowardice at it’s worst. This man is clearly taking his country away from prying eyes that way he is shielded from being held accountable that way he can freely slaughter his own people. There’s no pride in that, just shame. And the same goes to all the despicable souls cheering on this nonsense!

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