Police intensify awareness to defuse bloodsucking rumours


Following reports of blood suckers in some districts of the Eastern Region, Police in the region have intensified awareness campaigns in an effort to dispel the rumours.

Speaking at a meeting held Wednesday at Masakapende Primary School ground in the area of Traditional Authority Amidu, Station Officer for Balaka Police Station Senior Superintendent Agrey Bondo Khonje called upon the general public to stop spreading false rumours of bloodsuckers.

Police conducting awareness campaign.

He said ever since these rumours started going round, no one has been proven to have been sucked blood but the rumours have caused the death of innocent people.

He therefore warned the community members to desist from spreading false rumours as it is an offence punishable by the law.

On mob justice, Khonje called upon the communities to take suspected criminals to Police instead of taking the law in their own hands as it is against the law and anyone found taking the laws in their own hands will be arrested and prosecuted.

Khonje then urged the general public not to live in fear as Police is doing everything possible to see to it that there is maximum security in the country by intensifying criminal intelligence and deploying of uniformed and civilian Police officers to all the areas including rural areas.

Speaking at the same meeting, Balaka Police Community Policing Coordinator Sub Inspector Harrison Nogwe urged all the Community Policing structures to be vibrant and work hand in hand with Traditional leaders in the fight against crime.

In his remarks, Group Village Headman Mkwekwere thanked the Police for visiting them amid these bloodsucking rumours.

He said the reports really brought fear to the communities and people were sleeping outside for fear of blood suckers but now they are knowledgeable.

He therefore asked his subjects to take the message around the villages that these bloodsucking rumours are a mere hoax.

On general crime management, Group Village Headman Mkwekwere commended the community policing groups for their contributions towards the safety and security of the area and assured them of his support.

Similar meetings are also taking place in Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi districts with an aim of dispelling the blood sucking rumours which are causing unnecessary fear and also to remove the fear of crime.



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