Man jailed 18 months for calling police officer a bloodsucker


The Blantyre Third Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced 28 year old James Linyada to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for insulting and calling a police officer a bloodsucker.

According to the Blantyre police station publicist Augustus Nkhwazi, Linyada last week stopped Constable Happy Kwisongole who was going home from office and called her a blood sucker.

“Upon hearing this, people who were around at the place rushed to her with various weapons such as stones, sticks and burglar bars ready to deal with the officer,” Nkhwazi said.

It then took the intervention of her landlord who pleaded with the crowd to disperse as the lady was not a blood sucker but a police officer at Kabula police.

In court on Tuesday, Linyada pleaded guilty to the a charge of Proposing Violence at an assembly contrary to section 87 (1)(a) of the penal code.

Passing the sentence, Third Grade Magistrate Catherine Magwira said though Linyada was a first offender, the offence he committed is serious.

The magistrate then sentenced Linyada to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour with no option of a fine.

James Linyada hails from Galeta village, T/A Chekucheku in Neno district.

In a related development, the Blantyre Magistrate Court has sentenced 23 year old Welosi Kambewa to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for a similar offence.



  1. That’s nat true guys en palibe chifukwa moto sumafuka popanda utsi there is something behind chinapangsa mmmmm he cant reach that insitent without a course fellaz mmmm thats too much akuziwana nd judge

  2. 18years Mmmmm is too much. Munthu mmodzi kumulakwira munthu nzake 18years in jail with hard labour? Nanga Chaponda uyu analakwira mtundu wonse wa a Malawi akakhalako zaka zingati?

  3. He deserved it. It starts by name calling, next thing you know people have mobilized to attack you. Kusekelela zimenezi innocent people will keep dying just for being a suspect. People are in fear so anyone who is rumored to be a bloodsucker is at risk.

  4. If some of u might recall better,there was good relationship between local people and the police sometime back,both sides were respecting each other,since police were ordered to shoot people in some cities during strikes,ordinary people no longer trust police anymore.It is better to be respected than to be feared.People have the right to be protected at the sametime itr police duty to protect citizens, the two should balance.

    1. machende ako bakha iwe…you can score some political mileage on this simple straight forward issuue? mr mbolo yokhota…

  5. What Malawi need is a new way of forward thinking.. Malawi cannot sustain itself in all areas of the economy as a soverign state..It does not have the capacity to stand as an independent state..Malawi needs to give up sovereignty and marry itself to a powerful and strong National like China.. Malawi should cede it’s soverenity to China for the next 50 or 100 years ..this will be in the best interest for the present n future generations…if Malawi was a company it will need business is a bankrupt needs a merger or acquisition by a powerful n strong Nation like China…..China is looking for a leg to stand on in Africa..let’s team up with China if we want to see this Nation transform in our lifetime… otherwise there no hope for the future..the future of this national is dark ….We need a referendum to surrender this Nation to China..Let’s accept it we do not have the capacity either mentally nor financially ..our altitude as a nation is not positioned to transform the Nation…We need realistic new thinking…We we’re under British protectorate by force,then nyasaland by force then federation of Rhodesia n nyasaland by force,then we became Malawi by force, dictatorship by force,multiparty democracy by force …not its time to negotiate our new Nationality by free will…Let’s team up with China as a new republic of China in Africa….China is an undisputable powerful and developed force to get married to..let’s divorce ourself from this independence that has no future..we have debts that will still be paid by our unborn children’s grandchildren… Let’s be fair to ourselves n the future generation… We have failed as an independent Nation …its time to team up with big guns…

  6. Bloodsucker Yavuta , Apolice Akapezeka Akumanga Munthu Woyankhula Za Opapa Magazi Wo , Akabwela Kuzamumanga Wapolice Ameneyo APHEDWE OSABWELELE NDIMOYO KU AMA KU Stationko. Ili Ndi LAMULO Langa.

  7. U mean the Word #bloodsucker is illegal????? ndye tidzadzanamo ma prison coz everyone will be arrested since as far as the current situation in Mw is concerned for sure “bloodsucker ” the song of the day n that u can spend aday without saying that word. I his excellence himself he forgot and insult someone using the same word.Mose momwela mowa umu anthu akayambana akumanenana ndthu kt iwe pompa magaz sungandmenye wava.kkkkk mose mijigo azmay nkhan yake ndiimeneyi.

  8. And nobody care to asked for the cause but tackled the effect. This judgement will further give the so called policemen the power to rubbished the people that the supposed protect as second – fidel . Police are the most corrupt named them.

  9. overjudgement, a milandu akuluikulu simukuwamanga , kumupezerela coz he is vulrable,kusauka sizinthu, justice is shown only when a poor commit crime………….i understand y ICC case is for africa a police anthu uuhhmmmm (maize gate , cash gate,e.t.c, ilikuti )

  10. Umbuli Umaphadi Eeti! Mdziko Lililonse Lamulo Laling’ono Bwanji Limakhwimitsidwa Kumene!! Anthu Akufa Osalakwa Iwe Ndiye Upeze Choseweletsa Nkamwa? Kodi Munthu Yemwe Wapopedwa Magaziyo Ali Kuti? Nanga Asing’anga Amaziitanila Kugwila Mfiti Aja Alikuti Osawatchela Ndikuwagwira Amenewa Bwanji? Stupid MXii!i

    1. Ken madolo ambiri amafuna wapolice azinyozedwa, kumatukwanidwa, ngakhale kuthilidwa mate Kumene mpamene iwo amasangalala choncho aiwala wapolice ndimunthuso #ugalubasi

    1. Koma iwe siukuona kuti zimene anachita adawa zikanapangitsa kuti officeryu aphedwe, ndi anthu angati aphedwa chifukwa cha zinthu ngati izi.Komanso dziwa amugamula munthuyu ndi a khoti osati police.Achimwene za magalimoto munenawo ndi oti azithandizira kupeleka chitetezo ku fuko la amalawi be wise brother.

    1. mmmmmm man khalani ndiumunthu.u mean u can smile at someone calling u a bloodsucker?u cant sue that person.Behav like a matured person wapolice nayenso ndimunthu

    2. ufulu wa malankhulidwe kuugwilitsa ntchito molakwika… Tiyeni nazoni muphunzila mowawa momwemo.. jele kukaisewenza chifuka chapakamwa shaaaaaaa yalakwa..

  11. Kkkkkk ndiye wapolico amkafunadi mkazi wamzakeyo and judge ndi mzake kwambili ndi police man ha ha ha so I call some1 vampire then I will be in prison kkkkk

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