Formation of new party LCP lead to calls for regulation


Newly launched Leadership with Compassion Party (LCP) has taken the number of political parties in Malawi to 56, leading to calls for regulation of political parties in the country.

LCP whose president is Sally Kumwenda has been geared to join the political race in Malawi.

Mkhutche: We have not done much in regulating political parties in the country.

Though multiparty demands having many political parties, stakeholders have expressed worry on participation of many registered political parties in Malawi.

Recently, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) expressed concern over lack of participation of political parties saying only four political parties namely Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Malawi Congress Party (MCP), People’s Party (PP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) out of over 50 parties participate in elections.

Concurring with MEC, a political expert Wonderful Mkhutche has called for regulation of the parties to be registered in Malawi.

“We have not done much in regulating political parties in the country. Yes, we are a multiparty democracy. But that does not need to just be on paper. It has to be on ground as well. The challenge is how we measure political participation. We cannot do it using elections alone. It is more than that. But elections being one of the most important part of a multiparty democracy, if a party continuously decides not to show up, it ends up being irrelevant. It cannot be wrong if we can have a law that de-registers such parties,” said Mkhutche.

Mkhutche further faulted the lack of ideologies in the country’s politics saying political parties would have been filling ideological gaps.

“The challenge with Malawi politics is that it is not based on ideologies. If it was so, parties would have found it easy to see existing gaps and fill them. But since it is based on tribal boundaries, access to resources and populist stunts, the going favours the already established parties,” he added.

He advised LCP not to rush into the forthcoming elections saying the party needs to establish itself before contesting in national polls.

Speaking during the launch of LCP on Tuesday in Lilongwe, Kumwenda said the party is slated to address challenges rocking the country.



  1. I Hope literacy is big problem in Malawi n we don’t the the meaning of Democracy which influencing a dirty behaviour like dis , why can’t you support the only part which has all necessity to transform Malawian ” by the DPP it’s only credible paty in MALAWI not nyasi zinazi mkubweretsazi

  2. That’s stupid and greedy,a small country like this one and as poor as it is having 56 parties what for? instead of joining together and two strong parties as our freinds Zimbabwe,South Africa or even America they don’t have so many nasty parties as ours but they r so much better than us in almost everything.Thats uncalled for behaviour.Be civilised Malawian aa.

  3. Olakwa ndi amene anabweretsa Multiparty system of government ,one boma unites people while democratos divide people that’s why things are scattered and will never come together , hatred and greedy are the main cause.

  4. Ndie paliso ena akusakaniza za ndale nzakumwamba apa, good leaders always comes from churches and dnt forgate man was put on earth to rule it. If he was meant to rule heaven God wouldn’t have put man on earth… Za chakwera zisakhudzane ndi formation ya zipani zisarziwika bwinozi apa..

  5. All these parties they want to rule 17million malawians this is showing kusagwirizana kwa a malawi. Njala nthenda ndi nsanje zilipodi kunoko…. Why can’t we just form two solid parties republicans and democrats like how USA is? Dziko lino silikufuna kutuluka ndithu…. If this is the way Malawians understand democracy then we are fools …… And we do not know what democracy really means…. Kungoonetseratu kuti anthu onsewa akufuna atadya ndalama za dIko lino… Tiyeni tingopanga zoti tikhale ndi anarchy basi tizingosankha ma prime ministers basi..

  6. M’malo mopemphelera Malawi kuti adziwe Yesu, muli busy ndi za mdziko ndi kumachulukitsa zipani za dziko, zipani 56 ku Malawi what profit would be to the nations with all parties? Nonses Malawi.

  7. Every party says they want to solve the problems the country is facing. But now we want to know how they intend to do that…we need to know their strategies!!

  8. Zikuonetsa kut azimai atengeka nacho chipanichi.zaziii.zose zotsala dziko lapasi.kumumwamba president ndi mulungu.kulibe mavoti.

    1. Azimai ndiamenesotu amatipweteketsa ku Malawi kuno nthawi zambiri, siamadziwa chomwe dziko lathu likufuna kwenikweni. Vaya mu ndix or mbayani ukapeza pa chinjwe chazovala ayanika cha UDF MCP DPP aford komaso mafunde cha malemu hellen Singh cha pp kumapeto mwanaso amuveka thewera la nsalu yachipani cha petra.. Kkkkkk


  10. Owners of such parties i think are idiots,full of arrogance and sometimes foolish coz if you analyse their party Ideologies and Pillars are just the same as the so called major parties in Malawi! Why cant you just almagamate your interests to an already existing party so that together we can build this Nation instead of scrumbling for scarce resources we are having! Very pathetic indeed for this poor Nation!!!

  11. Musatinyase ife sitichedwa kusaza mwava? kodi amati a Malawi akufuna zipani? kapena chitukuko? or zipani zikwane 1,000 000 amati dziko la Malawi litukuka? kusowa chochita kumeneko? Aa osapuma bwanji!

  12. the people of ntchisi, dowa, chitipa, kasiya including nkhoma namitete, nkhwenkhwerere are enjoying tarmac roads because of dpp government. we have plenty of maize because of sound agricultural policy and strategy of dpp government. we are able to purchase or order merchandise from abroad because dpp has tried to keep and balance foreign money reserve. inflation in single digit.colleges being built at nalikulezi and mzimba soon coupled with several community colleges across Malawi. we are able to import second hand cars because dpp government allows that .other countries like south africa and others salola second cars from japan.ndiye potukwana dpp tizilingalira.tinena omwe tili muno mmalawi osati mathyona muli ku

  13. In multiparty democracy, one is free to do whatsoever, provided it is for the benefit of the common man. Formation of new political parties is not bad. What it calls for is the manifesto. What is it that they are going to do once in the Government, how trustworthy are the leaders of that political party, do they deserve leadership or assume leadership? Are they really people centered? We had had parties in the past, some have died natural death due to greed and incompetence of their leaders, other s still exist but their leaders have abandoned them and joined other bigger parties in search of greener pastures. There are even bigger and famous parties but they are and have failed to implement their manifestos. What is it that this new party will do differently from the existing ones? Lets make constructive criticisms so that one can learn from there. Some of us are keen followers of politics but we are politicians therefore,.we are not interested to hear unnecessary or sarcastic comments.


  15. We know our no:1 enemy who has failed to develop this country and we don’t need to scatter the votes to unknown parties which are only created to frustrate people’s mind.
    That’s why in 2014 somebody won by 36% votes meaning 74% was scattered to unknown parties and some are vanished .
    If we want change let’s unite to defeat the strongest enemy by sailing on the same ship and same direction.

  16. kuno ku malawi chipani chimadziwika chikakhala m’boma, olo mutakhala kuti muli ndi fundo zabwino mpovuta kuti amalawi akukhulupirireni pokha pokha mukanakhala boma. keep it up tiziwiseni cholinga chachipani chanicho ndi kuthekera kwake, kusitha kumayamba ndi step imodzi

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