Bullets thugs turn Chilomoni Stadium into a no-go zone


…Bullets executive committee to apologize to Karonga United…

Carlsberg Cup

Nyasa Big Bullets agalu turn Chilomoni Stadium into a no-go zone.(File)

First to complain about the behavior of Nyasa Big Bullets thugs popularly known as “Agalu” at Chilomoni Stadium were Kamuzu Barracks and Moyale Baracks officials respectively but nobody paid attention.

Now, things got worse on Wednesday afternoon at the same venue during a Fisd Cup round of 16 tie when Agalu attacked Karonga United team manager Abraham Mwakhwawa right in his technical area before snatching team Doctors’ medicine box in full view of Malawi Police, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) officials and Bullets executive and supporters committee.

Apart from the officials who were manhandled by these thugs, journalists were not spared either as Joy TV Cameraman was roughed up by Agalu before being rescued by fellows as he was trying to discharge his duties.

The ugly part of the whole saga saw Karonga United players refusing to return to the pitch after the half time break in fear of their lives, forcing the FA officials to intervene before play resumed but the visiting team played under protest.

Now, with teams complaining, some section of football followers have warned football authorities that if nothing is done to stop the madness, the situation might get worse than it is at the moment.

Reacting to the latest development, Bullets General Secretary Albert Chigoga told this publication that the supporters’ executive committee has identified the culprits who have since been reported to the FA.

“Our meeting with supporters’ top leadership immediately after the game was fruitful and all the culprits will be individually penalized. Names have already been submitted to FAM to ban these hoodlums and make the match venue safe again.

“You will not see such people at our games anymore once the FA releases their names. The supporters leadership will tomorrow summon them to a meeting to tell them blatantly that they will walk alone,” said Chigoga.

According to information made available to Malawi24, the culprits are expected to receive a two year ban each from all football related activities.

It has also been revealed that Karonga United, who gave away a 2-0 lead to lose 4-2, played the match under protest, a development which might see Bullets banned in the competition.

“This is sad and unacceptable. How can you rough up a team’s official in the technical area? Let’s pray that our team should not be banned from this competition because Karonga United played the match under protest,” revealed Chigoga.

Chigoga then disclosed that his team will apologize to Karonga United for the incident.

When asked to comment on the issue that Chilomoni Stadium was no longer a safe place for any visiting team when playing Bullets, Casper Jangale from the FA said: “Nope, it’s attitude problem by a section of supporters and not the venue.

We will handle this. It’s a process we started a long time ago and now we are engaging extra gear.”

Just hours after the incident, the team’s longest serving player Fischer Kondowe blasted supporters for turning the beautiful game of football into a war zone.

“This is unacceptable, it’s bad for the game. As players, we are not happy at all to see our opponents being harassed by some section of our supporters.

Time has come to put to an end this total madness because football is meant to unite us not to divide us,” he told a local radio station.

Last week, Agalu manhandled Moyale Barracks team Doctor on suspicions that he had carried Juju for the visiting team and the game was nearly postponed before Super League of Malawi’s (Sulom) intervention.



  1. That’s agalud!!!! Bullets need a capital punishment coz nd agalu at all, or just gav them death pushment!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk!!!!!!

  2. The spirit of fighting is a serious factor which can contribute to the deterioration of football standards in our country.

    Otherwise all the football clubs must ensure that there is an end to this. Simultaneously the football authorities in this land must engage an extra gear in combating this uncivil and unsporting conduct.

  3. I always say that if we allow few misguided individuals to tarnish our team’s image,we are not helping our team we need to act as bonafide fans and punish these barbarians.

  4. I beg Bullets management to focus on how your supporters are behaving..every game beating innocent people this will cost u and will regret loosing sponsorship

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  7. The main problem is Walter Nyamilandu.
    He has over stayed at the FA.
    He has a soft heart for the so called Big Teams.
    We need a brand new FA President.
    But how?

  8. BULLETS as ateam doesn’t intertain any sort ‘f viollence bt may b the problem z that ‘being crowdpullers other so called thugs r jst captalising on our massive & vast family.Bt take care ‘u can’t fool us all these days.Mapale tempers low tiwawonetse comin’ saturday how good asporting family that we r.

  9. Please my fellow palestines we have to think like men here! !
    Bullets is paying for the wrongs that are not even meant for.
    From my point of view these are not bullets fans, I can see a blackmailing stance from the past getting on with an aim of completly turnishing our club!
    Note my word’s gent’s!

  10. mwina ndikachingambwa akumakachemerera stone mwamadi kaja2 kameneka,,kumalawi kuno kulibe team yonyasa ngati bibi bullets,team yochitisa manyazi

  11. kma masapota abullets pena ndi ochititsa timu yathu inali ndi mbiri yabwino pakatipa akufuna kuononganso?? tinali pamapale coz amachita zosokonedza pano ndi agalu zoona timuyi ndiwabwino kma maina plz ai

  12. Team Yopanda Ulemu Ku Malawi Kuno Ndi Bullets Safuna Kugonja Mbuli Za Anthu , Mbuzi Za Athu,
    Zitsilu Za Athu
    Agalu ,Anyani Khumba. Anthu Opanda NZeru


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  16. Koma ndiye ndi agalutu, kkkkk. Chavuta apa anthu amenewa umbuli unachuluka. Football is about fair play and not intimidation.

  17. But a FAM achitepo,kanthu zisaononge mpira pa Malawi, anthu asamaope kukaonera mpira,
    But anakakhala kuti zimenezi achita ndi akamuzu barrack’s or moyale or mafuco or red lions,unakaona FAM osachedwa kupereka chigamulo,

  18. Mwayiyamba Dala!!, Mwayiyamba Dala. Karonga Utd Yokha Ndinyimbo Yomwe Amayimba Pofika M’mzinda Wa Karonga Lero Chama 10am. . Karonga Utd Yikulowa Mu Tnm Ndeno Akazayamba Kusetsereka Chiweta Azapeza Ma Coffin Awo Pa Round About Akudikira Iwo


  20. Kumene Alowaku Alakwa!! Afunse Bakili Muluzi Pa Nthawi Yaulamuliro Wake, Iwo Azakhala Ndani Pa Karonga Stadium? Mwina Asabwere Ndi Masapota Kuno.

  21. At every football much, police is present to provide security, its a shame that noone has been arrested, looking from some of ur comments, it simply shows its neba at work trying to turnish the image of bullets, we won our matches on the pitch, mukayamba zoti muziyambisa zipolowe kuti BB, aziyichosera ma points or iziluza dollar then tithana nanu zenizeni, n aliyese knows Noma ndiya Fam osati bb.

  22. Ooooo ndakuonani enanu mukangonva zina lokha loti Bullets mitimayanu imanyamuka mwamantha ngati mwaona nkango hhhhhhhhhh olo mungatokote zachingambwe zanuzo koma bb sizasinthasu kukhala nyelele kkkkkkkkkkk

  23. Ofunika azawakhiye ngati mmene anawamenyera pa chitowe choti mudziwe galu amanyada pa kwawo anzanu akukuwonani azakubwezerani inu ndi udolo wanuwo muzakumananso ndi madolo anzanu watch out!!!

  24. I’m a Bullets fan but I don’t condone this primitive behaviour these rascals masquareding as Bullets supporters are showcasing. I would suggest that the team plays the remaining Super League home games without spectators…no Bullets fan should be allowed in, including members of the Supporters’ Committee that has so far proven to be useless. The club is waisting hard-earned money paying avoidable fines becoz of these ignorant idiots. Drastic measures need to be metted to stop this madness!

  25. Dzina la Agaru likundipatsa chimwemwe zedi hahahahaaaaaaa ana amyateeeee BULLETS ndi chimangeni mapikoooo kkkkkkk.
    Ma team akuvulalira za weni target yathu ndi Tikamenyera ku Balaka fc.Azayelekeze zazitsamba Saturday lino

  26. Ndikanakonda ma team ngati bb, noma, silver, sivo , moyale azisewela opanda ma sapota kuti zitipweteke mwina titha kusintha khalidwe lopusa limeneli

  27. Tm Iktandzdwa Ndkampan Yogulitsa Ndudu,ndkmalimbkatsa Kt Masapota Awo Azsuta,mot Sakona Kt Vto Ndfodya Yemwe Akusutayo?Zlingat Ktenga Mwana Ndkpatsa Hule Kt Azkulelela Then Ndkmadabwa Mwana Uja Akpanga Uhule.Masapota A Bb Akyenera Kmapanga Zafodya Bcoz Amene Amawatandza Ndyafodya.

  28. Ma surporter a bullets ndi ma tout boys oyitanila ma min bus moti ndudabwa kuti mpaka akupezeka pa facebook.ndithu munthu wa nzeru nkuma surpoter team ya a kachasu ngati iyi.zodabwitsa koopysa.ine silver for real but akapanga zopenga i condemn them but BB mmmm chimidzi

  29. Koma ndye ganyu yayendatu, osewa ma comment anu, tkuziwa za fisd znakudusa pepa neba, mauleee nd nyatwa. Uzaziona wayiwala kt unaphesa munthu ku balaka

  30. That’s typical bullets fanz and my worry is that FAM and Sulom are just watching this bad behaviors and if this continues we will experience what happened at Balaka, koma ikakhala Noma chigamulo chimatuluka usiku omweo, mpika wathu ukuyendetsedwa ndi mbuli zokhazokha

  31. Koma ndye ganyu yayendatu, osewa ma comment anu, tkuziwa za fisd znakudusa pepa neba, mauleee nd nyatwa. Uzaziona wayiwala kt unaphesa munthu ku balaka

  32. zomvesa chisoni kwambiri.chitani zomwezo mr chigoga and fam pliz mwalekelela nthawi yayitali izi.mmalo mopeleka ban kwa agalu inu mukukapeleka ban kwa shawa chifukwa choti ananyoza a fam president zoona.kodi ndiye kuti akumenyedwawa si anthu koma a fam president?and mumalimbikila kupeleka zilango kwa matimu yet anthu omwe amalipilidwa ndalama kuti apeleke chitetezo amalandila zawo zonse olo asateteze nkhani ngati izi.ndi nthawi yoti achitetezo akalephela kugwila ntchito yawo asamapasidwe gawo lawo la ndalama osati matimu azifa pawiri.

    • Neva, Dey Can’t Cheg, De Problem Z Dat Nbb Sapotaz @rist 80% Dey Ar Uneducated Pipo Ov Which Dey Ar Not Understand What Z Footbo Z Al About. Sizampira Ai, Check In Ur Area, Hu So Eva Z Nbb Sapota Reflect Filthy Bhavia 4m Dea Homs. Dey Are Provocatv, Egocentric & Ruthres Sharp Dogs Even In Dea Society. Shotly One Wil Com & Curse Me, No Wanda, Dats Dea Dinstict ID Ov Nbb Sapotaz. Bliv Me, Dey Cant Cheg

  33. FAM NDI SULOM akungoonelela zimenezi ,basi akadzabwezela ndiye adzapeleke chilango,bullets thurgs are taken as if they are GOD That’s not football.

  34. masapota onse a chingambwe fc mitu mwawo mudazadza usi kale kale amakhulupilira nkhondo basi mapazi awo onse mbuli mavenda ogulitsa chamba ndi abakha mitu yang’ombe ndi mbudzi.

  35. FAM NDI SULOM akungoonelela zimenezi ,basi akadzabwezela ndiye adzapeleke chilango,bullets thurgs are taken as if they are GOD That’s not football.

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