Transglobe angers Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture

Subsidy Programme

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture has expressed anger with Transglobe Company for blocking Farm Input Subsidy program (Fisp) using the courts after the company was not given a contract to supply fertilizer.

On Monday, the high court in Blantyre ruled in favour of Transglobe Company to have a judicial review on the company’s failure to get a contract to implement Fisp this year.

Maize scandal
Malunga :I think this is blackmail.

The company has been blocked from supplying fertilizer this year, months after it was involved in the botched purchase of maize from Zambia.

Reacting on the judicial review, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Joseph Chidanti Malunga has described the move as worrisome.

“I think this is blackmail and Malawians won’t be happy with this, if they are to continue, we are going to ask Parliament to pass a resolution to stop this company from operating in Malawi.

“This is an insult to Malawians, we cannot be held in ransom because of one company,” said Chidanti Malunga.

He added that the committee is to make sure that Transglobe is not awarded a contract on Fisp this farming season.

Reports revealed that Transglobe was at the centre of dubious procurement of maize from Zambia.

A director at the company got arrested together with former minister of agricultural, irrigation and water development George Chaponda in connection to the issue.

Meanwhile the two are on bail waiting for the case to resume.



  1. what I believe is that, these Indians were not a lon. they have back doors which suppoting them for this issue (indirect politics)

  2. what I believe is that, these Indians were not a lon. they have back doors which suppoting them for this issue (indirect politics)

  3. That’s what some of us have bn saying, we r not in a one party regime where the government would act on rumours. The opposition must realise that we r in democracy with lots of rights n freedoms.

  4. Do courts really have to grant injunctions even for cases that make no sense at all like this one? Only in a banana republic I guess. I think the parliamentary committee can now go ahead and kick this useless company out of our country. How, in the world, would one force, using courts, to help (steal again) when the citizens don’t want your help?

  5. The injunctions from people, org, and pple in tne coourt of law have to be revisited in Malawi, because it doesn’t make sense that the organisation has not been chosen and thereafter stops everything in the name of injunction

  6. Mngakhale titathandizana mzelu bwanji malawi sazamva chinyengo chiliposepose tisapange blem ma indian , iwowati2 malamulo amawaziwa koma pali anthu omwe ali ngati akuluakulu omwe amawawuza ndi kuwasengula mmaso ma indian vuto ndi ulova nanga tamvani mukuti amapanga import and exiport without pay tax tiziti momwe amadusa mumakhala mopanda asogoleli?

  7. I don’t know if Transglobe is aware that parliament through Chidantis committee can ban transglobe from operating in the country permanently

    1. but we just keep speculating not many who come up with credible evidence everyone wants to follow things thereby delaying development of the country

  8. I think this indians are taking advantage ov corruption in this country look at Nabila this guy is transporting alot ov things illegally such us diesels new tires spareparts without paying tax all he says is he got connections with big dog ov MRA drivers are getting arrested for wrong reasons why at kanengo police got connections even blafing that we all all poor in malawi couse even inspector General is pocketing something from him my fallow Malawians this indians are couser need to be taken out they dont pay tax all they do its illegal things mmmmm

    1. Court should not be an institution for some quarries which are straight forward to handle. How does a contract happens, one offers and the other accepts. If you are not offered why do you want the acceptance.

  9. Musalatilane apa ndipothandizilana nzeru nanga mukayamba zonyozana ndye omvera ife tiphunzilapo kunyozana kwanukotu

    1. Useless comment! Which right allows to put lives of masses at the expense of minority! Its selfish style of business! These Asians must not allowed in each and every business!

    1. But we can’t keep thieves and cheaters,an example we keep dogs for security reasons but if a dog take meat in a pot we say kill the dog.Many companies in Malawi have been closed this can not be the first one.There are several factors that can be considered when we mention about investors,eg electricity, water etc.How many companies & organization were closed or sold since the doors of democracy were opened? How many were registered? And if many,is our economy improving? Malawi will never ever develop, Look at Burundi she was at war but look at very rich.

  10. Malunga should not think that he is above the law malawi is ademocrancy so transglobe is free to go to court although Idont like asians but we are in democracy and parliament should not be entertaining ideas like that of malunga

    1. ndiye contract amachita kukakamiza??
      ntchito ya dziko iyime kamba ka company imodzi? democray ndi imeneyo??

      chachilendo ndichani angabweretse a transglobe???
      …ngat sukudziwa chilichoxe, ingokhala pheee, osat mbwerela ukukambazo.

    2. This is why Malawians look second fiddle to anzathuwa we will remain as poor as a church mouse some of these things must be questioned osamangoti uyu anafiira chikopa basi enanu sianthu , dzuka Malawi, go go Chidanti

    3. He does not understand the issue at stake. We cry “mphavu kuwanthu” and Malunga is there with his Committee to talk our behalf. Get it right. People used to say Kamlepo was a fool. He spoke for us. Now he is quite because of what he went through on our behalf.

    4. If you don’t work hard and plan surely you will remain poor I’m outside malawi but I’m doing ok leave the court s to do their job that type of mentality went with kamuzu

    5. but democracy mukunenayi nde yagwiritsidwa nthawi yoyipa bwana nguluwe. nanga alimi ambirimbiri azidikira kuti alandira liti makoponi coz someone somewhere cant give in? & u call that one democracy?

    6. why you are outside malawi ???
      ndiye poti uli kunja jukasaka pogwira ndiye tione ngat uli ndi ndalama??? ulindi chani kumenekoko iwo ??? ndikuatsa ntchito uyambe kufufunsa kt kod Blessings amapanga chani, ndiotani…utha kukhumudwa..

      mbunzi ya munthu iwe. zikakhala ndalama kaya galimoto sizoti ungamatumbwire pano zimenezo.

      ena mwa anthu amene alikunja koma andalama timadziwako #Simbi_Phiri osat iwe, ulindi chani iwe????

      ine ndiye ndikukutchalenja kt kumbali ya ndalama sungandidzidzimutse, opusa…

      fufunza kae usanalembe mbwerela zakozo.

      nkhani tikukamba apa sikuti olandira thandizolo ndife ayi, koma ndizotikhudza ndithu m’njila ina ngat mzika za malawi.

      uzinamiza abale ako za ndalama zakonzo. koma ine sindinganjenjemele nawe. FUFUNZA KAE kwa ena za inee..


    7. Jones Mwai Nguluwe you don’t stay here, you’re not doing business here the best you can do is to shut your pompous mouth, you don’t know Wat these Indians are doing to Malawians.time is near Indians will pack up and go.

    8. Evans nkanda my house is in malawi but I do business all over the world that hatred of your s is what is making most Malawians to think they will be liberated by politicians which isn’t true right now I’m in malawi Blantyre if you want we can meet

  11. Sad. How can the whole Nalawi be suffocated by an indian company. ??Whats special with this company?Malawi will never develop.When i will come presdent of this country i will transform this country in five years….Give me a chance. Iam so ungry about this because iam so patriotic to my country.

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