Three steal items worth K3.5 million


Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody three men for breaking into a building and stealing property worth 3.5 million kwacha at Santhe Trading Centre in the district.

Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa identified the suspects as Chimwemwe Mariot Kaunda aged 25, Madalitso, Rajab, 18, and Aubrey Dickson aged 17.

Mzingwitsa said the robbers broke into a shop where they stole a plasma screen worth 1.5 million and into another shop where they stole clothes and other items worth 1.5 million.

The three also broke into the house and went away with a plasma screen and other items.

“As police enquiries were underway, the three suspects in question were arrested in connection to burglary and stolen properties,” she said.

Meanwhile, police have managed to recover some of the stolen items which are worth 2 million kwacha.

The suspects are expected to appear before court to answer charges of breaking into a building and committing a felony therein and burglary contrary to section 311 and 309 of the penal code respectively.

Madalitso Rajab hails from Phillimon village, T/A Mduwa in Mchinji district, Aubrey Dickson hails from Zilambilana village, T/A Chizuma in Kasungu district and Chimwemwe Kaunda hails from Kapindi village, T/A Malili in Lilongwe district.



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