Women captured assaulting woman


Three women have been arrested after they were captured in a video assaulting and urinating on another woman.

Police at Kanengo Police Station have arrested the women after launching an investigation into the clip which has gone viral on social media.

LilongweThe materials which include video clips and pictures capture a group of women stripping naked and severely assaulting the woman.

The incident is alleged to have occurred inside a suspected brothel in Area 25 sector C in Lilongwe on Wednesday this week.

Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani told Malawi24 that the victim who is 30 years old lodged a complaint to the police on Friday alleging that she was harassed for 8 hours from 9am to 5pm.

She alleged that on the particular day, she had been coaxed from her house in Area 25 sector 3 to a house of the main culprit identified as Thokozani Usiska (27) in Area 25C.

“She further disclosed that upon arriving at the compound she found a team of about seven women who had gathered in order to accuse her of wrongdoings.

“Thokozani Usiska accused the victim of defaming her by disclosing her (Usiska’s) HIV sero status to the public,” Makalani told Malawi24.

Following the accusations, the victim complained that the group of women severely assaulted her before stripping her naked.

In the clip, the women are seen urinating in the face of the victim who is lying naked on the floor.

Kanengo Police has managed to arrest three women who were involved in the assault.

The three include the main culprit Thokozani Usiska (27), Zelifa Phiri (27) and Rodness Chisale (40) while four accomplices are currently on the run.

They are expected to answer charges relating to acts intended to cause grievous harm, insulting the modesty of a woman and publishing pornographic materials under the Penal Code.




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  2. I hear u talk about gender equality.. wat..wat..is this the element of such aspect?the respect of human being has been lost;no man or woman respect fellow human again

  3. Those women are very cruel like hell.I watched it yesterday but I deleted at the spot coz I was very shocked.I like to share vedios but that one I didn’t coz I was feeling like to send their souls to hell.They must rot in jail those bitches.

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