Renegade, Salvy dare new school artists

Hip hop artists Renegade and Salvy have aroused beef mood in the country having talked about artists who do covers in their latest work titled Waishosha.

In Waishosha, the duo raises the bar high with some beef-inciting lyrics. The receiving end argues, the song falls in the beef category.

Renegade: The song is innocent.

This is contrary to what Renegade and Salvy say about their song. They counter argue, the song is innocent hence the audience should have a positive attitude towards it.

What raises beef speculation in Waishosha is the song’s first verse which was done by Salvy. He raps, moni oyimba ma cover, munablower dzinalo tinamva.

This has been interpreted as an attack on musicians who do covers for popular songs. Part of the audience further believes such artists are being targeted for lack of creativity.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Friday, one of the up-and-coming artists who earned popularity out of a cover song expressed dissatisfaction with the project.

He opted for anonymity which he claims is a way to avoid a cold war with the Waishosha creators.

Except that part of Salvy’s verse, the rest of the song concern the artists behind the song.

This has driven one music lover, Wanangwa Mphande from Lilongwe to utter supportive words towards Waishosha.

“I cannot trace any trait of beef in the song. Maybe it depends on how people define beef, but as for me it’s just a song in which the artist themselves are subjects.”






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