World Bank committed to end poverty in Malawi


The World Bank says it is committed to end poverty in Malawi.

The Bank’s Senior Social Development Specialist Mwikali Wambua made the remarks during End Poverty Day commemoration event on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

Wambua said the bank targets vulnerable people such as persons with albinism in making sure that developing countries such as Malawi should be poverty free.

Overton Kondowe
Overton Kondowe: Thankful. (Disability Focus)

According to her, during this year’s event the bank was targeting persons with albinism as a way of dealing with challenges they are facing in the country.

In his remarks, Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) president Overstone Kondowe thanked the bank for including persons with albinism in its projects aimed at ending poverty.

Kondowe said APAM is looking forward to such kind of projects which he said will help end poverty and challenges being faced by persons with albinism.

He explained that it is their dream and hope that persons with albinism will be able to enjoy rights such as right to life and justice just as other Malawians do.

“It is our dream that people with albinism will have that right to justice in courts, we have experienced attacks, abductions due to beliefs but perpetrators are living freely in our communities till now,” he explained.

This year’s event which was commemorated under the theme “It’s possible to end poverty together” brought together different persons with albinism who showcased various skills like singing and acting.



  1. kkkkkķkkk this one of funniest thing I have ever heard this year. Firstly Malawi is not poor we have everything that can make us live good life but we the people we are the one who are poor in our thinking if we can change that we can make without anyone coming to claim helping us. And one thing I know those guy’s they are not coming to help us they are coming to make Malawi worse, I have never heard where world bank is helping there is peace economically

  2. Ah how? How can the WB end poverty in Malawi. WB usually has tight strings attached to a developed country like Malawi when disbursing its financial assistance. Poverty is in different levels. And I don’t know which level they are looking into. And let me tell this to the WB. As long as we the natives don’t see the significance of ending poverty, the WB can not achieve what they are talking about. Most Malawians today are corrupt. Most corrupt, from head to toe!!!

  3. they will only end poverty of the leaders not common people. imagine a poor country having very rich leaders. unless in the next generation where they will be no greedy leaders and no corruption.

  4. Eya apapa nde kuti amvana deal ndi #bigman# timva mulili wina kupatula WA #anamapopawu# inu pheee samathandiza ulele amenewa tiziona

  5. Ican agree with that point if only you can relocate all Malawians who works with present government to another world, the we can enter CANAN

  6. Believing in WB is like riding a stolen horse cuz one day you might be caught so also one day the bank might disappoint.

  7. It’s only politicians who will benefits,(nevertheless thank you world bank I hope one day living God will answer our prayers)

  8. Wait until we remove this government in 2019 so that it will benefit us all not just a few as it is the case with the current government.

    1. Lobwelalo ndi limene linakhazoikitsa chitukuko tikuchionachi: Kamuzu International Airport, KCN, KCH, Queens, M1, BWB yakale, Escom yakale, Railway just to mention a few. Since multiparty, palibe chimene tingalodze.

  9. Dziko lamalawi limangokomera achuma ndalama zimenezija tionetsetse omwe amalandira ndi omwe alindindalama kale naloso boma lnyepo ndalama zijz zikamakafika kwa anthu aja zimankhala zochepa

  10. In what way? Here am trying to say they goona kill all corruption people. To what extent? Here am trying say they gonna build beautiful infrastructures. If not like so answer me this question. IN WHAT WAY AND TO WHAT EXTENT?

  11. That’s nonsense how can a bank end poverty that will never happen actually it only increases the levels of poverty by giving loans which are abused by few and the burden borne by the poor Malawians

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  13. Liberalisation of state owned firms has worked in other parts of world, Malawi’s problems however are deeper.

  14. World bank will never end poverty in Malawi. It Malawians who can end it. We are the ones who know best of our capabilities and resource base. Wipe out that mind set of looking at an international body to end poverty for us..

  15. The World Bank forced Malawi to implement structural adjustment programmes that includes liberalisation of state Owned Companies.
    We know the situation now.
    The World Bank is the axis of evil

    1. They think we don’t know. Structural Adjustment Programs(SAPs 1998) are a catalyst for Malawi’s poverty…in mid 90s we had Makata industrial site and press corporation, hub of our economy. Then came the devil, privatisation. Lol

  16. Kkkkk, kodi ngati latelo ndi boma lolamula?? watelotu ndi wa world bank. koma abale anthu wena mwaphatikizaso ndi zachisankho. walankhula chomchopo mumva kuti chakwela wapita wakaletsa kuti boma la malawi osalithandiza.

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