Four things behind Malawi vampire rumours


Perhaps we are yet to believe that blood sucking is not real as scary reports on the vampire saga spread in Malawi before the truth has got its boots on.

Despite violence being condemned by authorities, reports reveal people are still getting attacked for being suspected to be blood suckers with the killing of Alfonsi Galagala being registered in Balaka on Monday this week at Chiyenda Usiku Township.

Blood sucker Malawi

Residents watch as a suspected bloodsuckers dies.

Further reports reveal people are living in fear in some districts of Malawi where the blood sucking reports have been registered.

Since blood suckers were reported in this country, four things are noted to have taken the steering to drive fast the saga in the areas that have been recorded to have vampires.


Years back, blood sucking issue was also reported in some districts of Malawi, people had sleepless nights for fear of being attacked by blood suckers. After some time, the blood suckers reports died a natural death.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje west constituency Patricia Kaliati recently offered K100, 000 to people who would show her evidence of blood suckers.

She knows that no one can bring evidence of blood suckers and that her money is safe since it is a myth that the country once registered and that has resurrected from the natural death.

Blood suckers Malawi

Volence over reports of blood sucking.(File)

Now, People are referring to that rumour of blood suckers in the past to justify mob attacks to people they suspect of being vampires.


Ignorance is another factor that is fuelling the blood suckers rumour in the country, people are suspected to be blood suckers for being found with electronic gadgets.

Reports reveal some people were to be attacked in Mulanje by an angry mob for being found with power banks in the course of carrying a field work. Other people are being attacked for being in possession of items like car battery jumpers in their cars. But, in their nature these gadgets were not made to be used for sucking blood. This could be the technology of its kind that people in some remote areas are yet to get to know.

This makes them easily suspect whatever gadget they don’t know.


Magic and Satanism

Lawmaker for Mulanje South Constituency Bon Kalindo claimed over a week ago that blood sucking is real and people are dying when they are sucked blood through mysterious ways.

In a voice clip that went viral on social media, Kalindo revealed that this is not a mere myth.

“People are seeing gold pipes in their homes and get weak,” he said.

From this speech, we could believe that the saga of blood sucking continues because of the works of magic and Satanism if gold pipes mentioned by Kalindo continue to appear in the homes of people of the affected districts.



We can include politics to be another factor that has kept alive rumours of blood suckers in this country.

The saga has depicted security challenges in the country with various diplomats warning their citizens not to visit some districts like Mulanje for security reasons.

Security is one of the issues that politicians can use to campaign or de-campaign fellow politicians, we could wonder why this blood saga started in the run-up to the October 17 polls. Senior Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) official Henry Mussa said this is politics to “scare” people with reports of people being attacked so as to prove that there is insecurity in the country.

Mussa suspected “opposition parties” that they are behind scaring people with reports of blood sucking issue but that it is be proved right if Public Affairs Committee (PAC) suggestion is to be adopted that President Peter Mutharika should appoint a commission of inquiry to probe the rumours of vampires.

As it is now, having a commission of inquiry is ideal, as suggested by PAC, but it should focus on the areas mentioned above.

Have people that can prove that this is not magic or Satanism, have people that can prove whether politicians are behind this and have people that can help to deal with illiteracy level to end this saga once and for all.



  1. Matope Khulutchu imeneyo ndiye mfundo tu mavoti athu aja atiphetsa Sure,,,,Boma silikukhulupilira ati even zama Albino zija,,,,Kaikirani Galu Wamkota Sakandira Pachabe Zikuchokera ku Likulu konko

  2. Tafufuzani kaye kwa amanje (ku soche), dzana aanthu amakaona nzimayi wina yemwe akut anapopedwa ndipo anapulumutsidwa ndi munthu odusa, ndizamusiya pa nsika pa stage kuti azipita ku chipatala because she was weak and bleeding nkamwa ndi mumphuno.

  3. Tingopepha kwa mulungu atithandize vutoli ngati lilipo.ngati ndizoona boma lingagwilise ntchito chiyani popeza vutoli ndilamasenga,mwina ena alowesapo ndale koma ngati zili ndale, munthawi ya kapeni chipani chomwe chizayakhule za nkhaniyi nde kuti ndiowo akuphesa anthu wosalakwa ndikusowesa mtendele a malawi.tiyeni tipephele kwa mulungu kuti bata ndi tendele zikhale mchimake.

    • who died due to being blood sucked? but how many innocent souls we have lost just because they were suspected bloodsuckers?? ndinu abodza akulu inu!!

  4. A Malawi adazolowera civic education nde palibeso za civic education apa koma kungawasiya kuti adzigona panjapo mwina akuvaku kutentha!! komano zikadziwika kuti ndizabodza anthu anawaphawo abweze ngati ndindale akupweteketsani wakuwuzani zopusayo!

  5. Kodi mmesa mumati muli ndi asilikali olondera dziko omwe akupanga retirement olo nkhondo misonkho yaanthu ogulisa zitumbuwa nkumadya? Dzuka malawi, asikikaliwo agwire ntchito yawo asamangosiira apolice

  6. at the preamble were really rumors but this tym its real and is happening. DPP cadets r so furious with by_election results and eeeeeh! oho! they r sucking_tu. one thing we can do let put in captive all DPP cadets n c if it WL continue , let’s just try

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  10. Poverty at its best.Due to poverty pple have resorted to killing one another. Muthalika should wake up & stand above partisan politics. If only he can . do that,we’ll see. blood sucking syndrome being a thing of the past.

  11. I’m in Zim and i always follow Malawian news.Nothing good ever comes out of Malawi.From poverty to witchcraft, from famine to albino killings and now to vampire murders.What a hopeless nation.

  12. At one point breasts where being cut and victims found then suspects also found then came the albino killings victims where seen and then suspects but with blood suckers no victim has come up with depleted blood but suspects are being killed

  13. This thing is real. It’s happening here in Blantyre. Only that it’s magical, hence difficult to prove.But the victims are there.

    • It isn’t real at all. What is real is the chaos with no basis. That’s what you call real. How can you call real the attack of an innocent doctor suspecting him of being a sucker. These are looters, thieves who fool people and create an environment conducive to steal.

    • @ Biton,am not talking of mob justice; am talking of people being attacked at night by these ‘blood suckers’ . I live in Blantyre, I know what am saying.

    • kma kupopedwa magaz mukukuziwa? munthu kufooka or kukhala paralysed ndie kut wapopedwa man ….people are being attacked of walking at night as if nthaw yonsei anthu sankaenda usiku then ayamba just to suck blood. my was found dead years back at night does that mean i should start attacking onse oyenda usiku kut ndiamene anapha my aunt?

    • @ James Kaunda,my friend’s mother-in-law is hospitalised on the same. She lives in Sigerege here in Blantyre. The ordeal took place just as exactly as the testimonies were said in Chiradxulu and Mulanje. It’s much easier to quash the story when you haven’t met your fate. But I can assure you,it’s happening here in Blantyre. When your friend say they are sick,you don’t believe it coz it’s not you feeling the pain. It’s easier for someone who hasn’t seen or experienced this to say ndi umbuli. You won’t believe it until it comes on your door. So,people think all those people who have given testimonies at the presidential rallies are stupid? Really?

    • Douglas Banda Thanks douglas for the info. can we have proof on this issue like how it happened and atleast HB level of the victim. Did a doctor certify the patient’s illness to any kind of assault?

  14. It is nonsense bcz no vampires in mw. It luks political game for 2019 elections. But still mw govt is responsible to control this situation. Our forces shud b 24/7 alert also petrolling every where to keep peace in our country. Foreigners not coming 2 mw bcz this news in all over the world. We request our president take a serious action. Mob justice guya just killing innocent ppl

  15. Well compiled but there is no need of suggesting the unknown answers while the evidence you have it. People are saying it’s magical/myth. How are the victims interpreting the magical part to someone carrying power bank and the like to be responsible for this. The spiritual and zida zopopela magazi (coke straw) physical zikugwilizana bwanji. These are two different realms.

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