UMP Awards voting begins

Tay Grin-Chipapa

The time of the year when musicians take bites of their fans’ credit is finally here following commencement of voting in Urban Music People (UMP) awards.

This follows an announcement of nominees to scramble for honours in the awards during UMP fashion night which was staged at Game stores underground park in Blantyre, on 15th October.

Tay Grin-Chipapa

The nomination process left artists placed in 17 categories based on their music speciality. This year, there is an extra category in which is the best artist in Southern Africa will be honoured.

Voting began yesterday and it will close on 15th November. The organisers have revealed that only Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) and Airtel lines will be used in the voting process.

The voting procedure will involve people sending an SMS saying “UMP followed by the category and the name of artist they are voting for”.

For example; UMP/artist of the year/”artist name” to 9393 (for TNM network) and 2885 (for Airtel network).

The organisers have underlined that multiple voting is allowed.



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