Call to improve political participation among PWAs

Albinism in Malawi

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has asked  government to establish strategies that can help  to increase social and political participation among persons with albinism (PWAs).

Speaking with Malawi24,  president for APAM Overstone  Kondowe said persons with albinism in Malawi face discrimination in various social groups such as  school and marriage.

Overton Kondowe: Persons with albinism in Malawi face discrimination(Disability Focus)

He explained that people believe that persons with albinism are shortsighted and can not perform in different sectors like police and driving.

“Persons with albinism have been facing and experiencing challenges and if the government will not do something they are going to continue facing  the challenges due to lack of participation socially as well as politically,” he explained.

According to Kondowe, a person with albinism has  got an opportunity as any person hence PWAs should be treated like anybody else.

Kondowe therefore asked government to be at forefront condemning discrimination and all  sorts of  segregation in different sectors as a way of giving room to persons with albinism to enjoy their rights.

The APAM president said government has a big role to play in ensuring that persons with albinism are living in free and fair environment regardless of their status.

In Malawi persons with albinism have been facing different challenges over the past years such as  kidnapings and murder.



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