11 Ethiopians netted for illegal entry


Police in Dowa district have arrested 11 Ethiopian nationals for  entering Malawi illegally.

According to Dowa police publicist Richard Kaponda, the 11 were netted at Dzaleka Refugee Camp on Monday around 11 pm.


Kaponda said the police received a tip from well wishers that some illegal immigrants have been locked in one of the houses within Dzaleka refugee camp.

Police went there and arrested the 11 suspects.

The illegal immigrants revealed to the police that they had been locked in the house in Dzaleka refugee Camp since October 05, 2017.

The 11 suspects who are aged between 16 and 26, were being given food inside the house by a man they did not know.

The suspects also added that they were going to South Africa where they have relatives to look for greener pastures.

The 11 suspects have been remanded to Maula Prison pending further investigations  so as to arrest the trafficker.





  1. this picture where you get it there is no ephiopian face that means is not true story why you like post shit

  2. Wina aliense amavuta pachinthu chake.Azaziwa bwanji kut moyo ndiovuta.Abantu ala banjowera le malawi akuna job manje abantu lawa bazoenzani? abwelere kwao bas ifenso ukapolo unatikwa baseme khaya

  3. African brother give them late bingos portion to cultivate
    Including my one but not all of it cause the other side am busy mining alright.

  4. Just in Nigeria has declared a free entry to all African citizens. Why do we arrest our fellow people in the name of illegal. Such words are heard in Europe not within us here. Loose them to struggle for their lives if no weapon of destruction is found among them.

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  6. If its illegal entry how did they found themselves in the middle of the country without been intercepted?? Which way did they use ??

  7. Mukuwagwira ngati akadya kunyumba kwanu bwanji kapena kwaamanu? Mesa mumati osasalana mitumbo,,,iiii sorry mitundu? Welcome africa to africa,,,akanakhala mzungu bwezi mutamusiya ,,mbuzi inu

  8. Masiku apitawa photo yomweyi munatiuza kut a Malawi awagwira akupita ku South Africa lero the same photo mukut ma Ethiopia timva zit?

  9. No black person is a foreigner in africa.These borders were made to divide us… why we still grolyify these border which we black were never part of it when they formed border.
    Leave them alone they are in they mothers land.

  10. The picture and the information doesn’t correspond, ikanakhala MBC kuti yalemba massage mmalo mwa message bwenzi mukuvutatu inu!

  11. arrest nde kuti chani? Mesa mumawaikanso my Dowa mommo? Amabwela kale kudzaleka akufuna azilandila nawo za UN. Kenako atsekule ma shop mmizinda yathu. Kulengeza ngati alakwitsatu.

  12. Mukuti 11 koma apa akukhala ngati 12,pamenepa zikuyenda bwanji??. Mmawa muwamasule mwaulemu,kodi inu amalawi mwaziwa liti za maforeiner??. Ngatitu ma Foreiner di alipo mmaikomu ndiye ndi mmalawi ndiyemwe wachuluka mmaikomu.Plz amasulidwe.

  13. We do not need passports in Africa.The people who made us use it they are not using it in they countries.They only use it when they are coming to Africa.

  14. It z the same picture u posted few months ago telling us that immigration officer in mwanza has caught these pple as they were going to south Africa without proper documents(passports) u said they had there leaders of which they were 4 of them. Munati anthu amawatsogolera anatsekeredwa ndipo akuyenera kuyankha milandu pa khoti and today it saying they are Ethiopians by the same picture? Which z which??????

  15. How come they manage coz Ethiopia is far from Malawi and more over it is rich country than Malawi good work our police that is security issues keep it up if they are good people why they are not follow the right way

  16. These faces aren’t Ethiopian, if u don’t hv a pictures of victims or things better just narrate the story without any illustration. I know Ethiopian faces, I use to be friendly wth them and these faces are my fellow Malawian

  17. Muli busy kugwira anthu osalakwa awa.M’malo mokagwira anthu akupopa magazi anthu komanso akungopha anzawo opanda zifukwa zokwanila.Basi muziti mwagwira ntchito apapa?????Fodya eti

  18. Any blackman/African/Kushite z not a foreigner in any african country.. Those Kushites(Africans) are still home..We are all KEMET/KUSH sons and daughters….we used to be united states of Africa in ancient times b4 The European Dirty Partition…Free Them up now coz Malawi z there Home

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