NAM faulted over Mwayi saga

Mwawi Kumwenda

A netball analyst  has faulted the Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) for its unprofessional handling of the Mwayi Kumwenda saga.

Few days ago, NAM threw Kumwenda out of the national team camp currently preparing for this month’s Fast 5 World Netball Series in Melbourne, Australia for reporting late.

Mwayi Kumwenda
Mwayi Kumwenda

The decision has not gone down well with head coach Samuel Kanyenda who has eventually quit his position.

“Fast 5 series is a very tough competition, so going without our most prized asset is suicidal. I pleaded with them to consider  another way of  punishing her but not outright expulsion, but they couldn’t listen, that’s why I walked out,” said Kanyenda.

Netball expert cum sports journalist Mphatso Malidadi  who has covered the sport for over a decade  weighed in on the matter by questioning NAM for not coming out clear with all it has so that the public can be the judge.

“It seems there is something behind the scenes which we all can’t see. The player claims she didn’t get an official call up but other reports suggest otherwise. So its NAM that holds the key to the truth but surprisingly they have chosen not to talk which is an unprofessional way of handling the matter,  as it can send out a bad signal regarding our game,” said Malidadi.

He also wondered why the Khungekile Matiya led body refused to buy into the coach’s plea of going for alternative punitive measures on the player.

He then added that the turmoil could in turn affect the team’s performance at the tournament.

In Kanyenda’s absence, assistant coach Mary Waya will lead the team during the tournament scheduled for 28 – 29 October.

The Queens are expected to leave for Australia on 22 October.

Last year, Malawi won its first ever bronze medal at the event following victories over reputable sides England and Jamaica among others.



  1. Anthu a nsanje atsogoleri oyipa kwambiri ndichifukwa dziko lathu likulowa pansi bcoz of leadership yopusa ngati imeneyi. NAM ngati ikuwona vuto osawawuza a nduna bwanji? President Peter akanalowererapo osati kukhala chete ngati zinthu ziribwino ayi. Ndichifukwa muzingoluza nazo mipando

  2. If there was an excuse for her skipped days days to the camp a blame to the NAM is well understood.
    What someone should ask is that in both sides to be looked, why the decision was made of pulling off?
    Something went wrong between the two.

    This should be a lesson to both

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