Lucius unhappy with Malawians’ love for free shows

Fredokiss Penjani Kalua

Veteran musician  Soldier Lucius Banda has blasted Malawians who want free music or shows even when they can afford to pay.

Lucius has said Malawians’ unwillingness to pay for music or shows is one of the factors derailing progress of music industry in the country.

Fredokiss dishing free shows

Writing on his official Facebook page, Lucius said there are some Malawians who want free entry into a show not because they have no money.

“It is very common in Malawi for people to seek free entry to a music show. Its not due to poverty no. People who do this when they get that free ticket they do come by car.

“They buy fuel for that car, in the show they buy so much beer and only paying for the artist is what they hate,” Soldier said.

He also wondered why people are happy to enter shows for free yet if the same people had a grocery they would not give a musician a loaf of bread for free.

Lucius then urged Malawians to start supporting arts and focus on loving local musicians than foreign ones.

“We need to have our own quality musicians like other countries around us.

“Look at Nigerians, Tanzanians , Zimbabweans . The music grow because people are ready to support. Let’s support these youngsters adzikatimilira,” he said.


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  1. Its true, the same happens to football, you find those that call themselves real supporters want free entry into the stadium nonetheless they have come on their own car or paid transport but they want free entry. Lets unite to support these artists kulibwino kuyenda wapansi kapena kumakamwa madzi koma ukalipire ku show kkkkk tikaone ngati madzi mukakwanitse 5 litres kkkk

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