Women urged to continue working hard

One of the country’s activists has urged all women in the country to continue working tirelessly in developing Malawi.

The activist Dorothy Ngoma said this on Sunday as the country celebrated Mother’s Day.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila: Congratulates women in the country for working hard.

Speaking to local media, the activist said women play a major in developing this country.

“l want to take this opportunity to thank all mother’s across the country because of their hard work, women are strong they do not run from their responsibilities despite facing so many challenges,” she explained.

In a related development, the Parliamentary Women Caucus has said it will continue fighting for women’s rights in a bid to ensure that there is gender equality.

Chairperson for the group Jessie Kabwila acknowledged efforts that women put in so many things despite the challenges they are facing.

“Let me first congratulate women in the country for working hard despite facing so many challenges and l am assuring them that we will continue supporting them,” she said.

Kabwila said as a caucus they have put in place a number of strategies to combat gender based violence and inequality.