Parents asked not to marry off young girls


World Vision Malawi has asked parents and guardians in the country to desist from marrying off their children.

World Vision Malawi National Director Hazel Nyathi expressed concern over increase in cases of early marriages in various parts of the country.

Sexual cleansing

Nyathi noted that early marriages hinders the education of a girl child and her wellbeing.

“We are asking parents, guardians of this country to say no to child marriages because early marriage is not a solution to their problems, we want people to understand that girls have equal an  opportunity as boys,” she said.

Nyathi said child marriages infringe upon the wellbeing of a girl child and prevent them from contributing to the economic development of this country.

She then asked traditional leaders across the country to be at forefront discouraging child marriages in the country and refraining from cultural practices which are harmful to the girls.

She also asked parents, guardians and the public at large to focus on keeping their children in schools and ensure that they become independent in future.