MRB Cypher raising HIV/AIDS awareness

Malawi Rap Battles (MRB) brand has joined the chain of agents of change having facilitated a music project aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness.

MRB cypher which is a product of the project came to life last month.

MRB cypher cast.

It features Omega XL, Ace Oji, Chim C, Brinno, Roytator Tha Problem, Wap C and Marvel MGhost.

Unlike most songs of that type, it revolves around one theme. All involved artists aim at raising awareness on the pandemic.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, MRB team member Misso said they decided to attach a theme to the project to make it effective.

“Since most cyphers don’t carry effective messages, we thought it was wiser to come up with a serious theme for the artists to rap on,” said Misso

He added that this has created unity in the project as all artists have focused on the subject, using condoms or abstaining from sex to prevent spread of the disease.

The brand joined forces with Walter Moyo to come up with the project. Misso, Cornelius Mdula and Succuzbucket, directed the cypher.

It is currently on Malawi music site with its video on vimeo dot com.