APAM wants to produce sunscreen locally

Boniface Massa

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has asked for support to start manufacturing sunscreen cream locally to reduce skin cancer cases.

The organization has made the call after seeing the success of a locally made sunscreen called Kilisun in Tanzania which has helped people with albinism to have access to sunscreen.

Boniface Massa
The APAM has asked for support.

According to APAM chairperson Overstone Kondowe, research has shown that making available a locally manufactured and cheap sunscreen is helpful in providing comprehensive preventive health services to persons with albinism more especially when it comes to cancer disease.

“Kilisun model gives answers to many of the challenges facing people with albinism Malawi,” he explained

He added that supply of a high quality product especially sunscreen cream which is designed for the skin and reality of persons with albinism can be useful only if it is affordable to the persons with albinism.

Kondowe said if the Kilisun model was replicated in Malawi, just as is the case with Kilisun, persons with albinism themselves will be involved in the production hence promoting employment and social inclusion of the vulnerable group.

He added that there will be logistics of sunscreen cream in terms of procurement as well as stock management and delivery to the health facilities between the production unit and stores departments to ensure a correct supply chain.

The APAM chairperson went on to say that there should be a team of health workers at governmental level to assist in the provision of high quality health care services to persons with albinism.

He added that all of these measures can be effective if there is a good relationship between APAM and the Ministry of Health to ensure that persons with albinism attend the distributions and that proper awareness is created and education is delivered to persons with albinism.

Kondowe also emphasized on the importance of education on sun protection and sunscreen use among persons with albinism.