DPP cadet arrested for brandishing pistol

Democratic Progressive Party

A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet who was pictured carrying a pistol at a function organised by former presidential aide Ben Phiri has been arrested by Malawi Police in Lilongwe.

Democratic Progressive Party
Kaiya: Arrested

Police arrested the cadet, Noel Kaiya, at his home in Lilongwe on Thursday.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera told the local media that Kaiya was taken to Kanengo Police Station for questioning.

He said the law enforcers have asked Kaiya why he was showing off the gun and whether it is licensed under his name.

Kaiya showed off the pistol in Thyolo on Sunday when President Peter Mutharika’s aide Phiri was launching his K10 million football, netball and bawo trophies.

This led to claims that Kaiya is one of Phiri’s bodyguards, something the former presidential aide has denied.