Mutharika on course to lose 2019 polls – report


An influential intelligence publication on Africa has said President Peter Mutharika will likely lose 2019 elections since his popularity is declining.

A report by London-based Africa Confidential says Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are losing their hold on the Southern Region due to high-level corruption and nepotism.

Saulos Chilima, Peter Mutharika

London-based Africa Confidential says Mutharika will likely lose.

“Blantyre was the DPP’s stronghold in the Southern Region, and where Mutharika polled best of all in the 2014 election. No longer. His reputation for corruption, nepotism and as a Lhomwe supremacist has taken hold,” says the report.

The publication has claimed that Mutharika is an uncle to Dalitso Kabambe whom he appointed as Reserve Bank governor, something Kabambe has since refuted.

On corruption, the report says the ruling party has not fired George Chaponda as DPP vice president even though he is answering a corruption case following irregularities in the purchasing of maize from Zambia last year.

The report also notes that DPP General Secretary Greselder Jeffrey was arrested on corruption charges a decade ago and she is now demanding K12 billion for wrongful arrest.

Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi has since described the report as unfair saying the claims it is making are “lies of detractors”.

Dausi said Mutharika makes appointments based on merit and the corruption case against Chaponda does not mean he should be fired from the party since he has not been found guilty by a court of law.



  1. This report is completely true. The president has no touch with the people he rules. He is completely disconnected and his age tells it all. he is an old man who needs rest more than anything else. It will be unfair for a sensible Malawian to force this man into power, In Malawi we as a cultural fact we do not allow old people to carry a heavy load under our watch…no and no a thousand times. This man is in power ruling people who do not know him. At least not at all!…We need a leader who will speak our language. A leader who will be part of our society. This man will lose elections for sure…..Why supporting the party which is still practising old politics. It’s very surprising that MCP looks more transformed and a modern party than DPP….very surprising indeed to those of us who love Malawi.

  2. I know that my level of education is good but I cannot say I belong to your group of ‘Ife anthu ophunzira we know whats best for us’. Whether the statistics are wrong or not one does not have to be educated to notice the power blackouts, lack of water in our taps, the poor roads, lack of security in the country, high levels of corruption, nepotism in government appointments, etc etc there is a whole lot of other things government is failing to do right! And you cannot see all these things? And you think Peter Mutharika is becoming more popular each day? An educated person you really are!!!! There is a saying that if you have only tasted boiled eggs you will not know that they can also be fried or scrambled! While you take Petet as your role model know that there are better leaders in the opposition!! Learn to be objective

  3. You wish, go and do your statistical findings again. Akutumani eti? Kwa ine nkhani zikamabwera with direct attack like this one, ndimangodziwiratu kuti nkhaniyo has got opposition written all over it. Munya muona, mind game yanuyo kasewereni ndi zidzukulu zanu, ife anthu ophunzira we know what’s best for us and its definitely not any opposition party.

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