Driver jailed after threatening to kill traffic officer


A minibus driver who threatened a traffic police officer with a panga knife has been jailed for 20 months.

According to Machinga police publicist Davie Sulumba, 35-year-old Christopher Mushe told the police officer he would deal with him.

Sulumba said that on 4th October traffic police officers were on duty along Bakili Muluzi Highway in Machinga and Mushe arrived at the spot while driving a Toyota Hiace minibus which had exceeded its passenger capacity.

The driver was cautioned and told to take the vehicle to Ntaja Police Post but he did not do so.

On October 6 he was seen by the same traffic police officers picking passengers at Ntaja Trading Centre.

When he was asked by one of the officers about what he did on October 4, Mushe went to his vehicle where he took a panga knife, sharpened it on the tarmac and threatened to kill and deal with the officer.

He was arrested and charged with endangering safety of passengers and intimidating police officers.

In court he pleaded guilty to all the charges and asked the court to be lenient when passing judgement for he is a breadwinner and that he was under the influence of alcohol.

Bu prosecutor Inspector Cliff Kalawa said the convict’s conduct endangered life of passengers and put in danger life of traffic police officer.

Nanyumbu Second Grade Magistrate Maxwell Boazi noted that the driver knowingly broke the laws.

He therefore sentenced him to 20 months in jail for each count and ruled that the sentences should run concurrently.

Christopher Mushe hails from Nkhuna village, Traditional Authority Liwonde in Machinga District.



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