The Wandale effect: People who reject Thyolo and Mulanje secession face arrest

Vincent Wandale

…national flag, currency in the offing

If you ask People’s Land Organization (PLO) President Vincent Wandale if Thyolo and Mulanje seceded from Malawi, he will give you an undoubted yes.

Wandale is confident the two districts are under self-rule and has warned that warrants of arrest will be issued to people that undermine the sovereignty of MUST.

He has since announced that there will be meetings where among other things laws that will govern the ‘nation’ will be formulated.

Vincent Wandale
Wandale and his cabinet

According to a Facebook post by Wandale, a date for swearing in the president, deputy, cabinet, head of the judiciary and head of the legislature will also be set during the meeting.

Wandale further said that civil servants will be recruited to assist ministers implement the MUST constitution.

He added that there are also plans to approach other nations so that they should establish diplomatic ties with Thyolo and Mulanje.

A flag, court of arms, seal and anthem will also be introduced as well as passports, identity cards and currency.

The Malawi government maintains the two districts remain in Malawi something which is not the case if what Wandale has been doing lately like announcing his cabinet ministers is anything to go by.

The PLO argues that people in the two districts are not empowered and that they are deprived ownership of their own land.

Colonialists own part of land on which they have big tea farms.

Wandale has overtime said he will do anything possible so that people in the two districts are empowered hence going for the idea of secession.



  1. Wandale za chamba ayi,Educated people from those two districts can not support you only fools from Chibwana, Mtokota, Gelena, Chilambe villages can support you.

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