Bikoko creates advisory board


Lilongwe Mayor Dr.  Desmond Bikoko has appointed an advisory board consisting of people of various nationalities to enhance development in the city.

The board members include a Malawian, Nigerian, Rwandan, Chinese, and Burundian with each member representing their community.

Desmond Bikoko has appointed an advisory board.(File)

The six members appointed to the newly established advisory board will promote participation of the general public in the development plans of Lilongwe City Council.

The mayor’s advisory board has been established with the aim of enhancing Lilongwe City Council’s initiative to bridge the gap between the council and Lilongwe residents.

Board members will serve an advisory role on strategies to resolve challenges that are affecting residents in their respective communities and contribute to development initiatives in the city.

Among other things, the board members will act as ambassadors who highlight challenges in their respective societies, and advocate for support of Lilongwe City Council’s by-laws, construction standards and various projects.