Two in for selling medical drugs


Police in Karonga have arrested two men for being found selling medical drugs in their shops.

The two are Arnold Mwaulambo, 28, and Minala Mwamlima aged 25.

They were arrested during an operation police in the district conducted to crack down on illegal businesses.

Karonga police deputy spokesperson George Mulewa said Mwaulambo and Mwamlima were found selling medical drugs in their shops without any license which made police to arrest them without any delay as this is against the law.

Among the drugs recovered from Mwaulambo and Mwamlima are bottles of Paracetamol, Indomethacin capsules, bottles of Trimoxazole tablets, Amoxilin and Diclofenac tablets.

The two men has will answer the charge of selling drugs without license which is contrary to section 35 (1) of Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Act.

Mwaulambo comes from Mwaulambo village, Traditional Authority Kilipula in Karonga district while Minala Mwamlima hails from Mwakasoko village, Traditional Authority Mwakaboko in Karonga district.