Malawians urged to report illegal immigrants


The Department of Immigration has urged Malawians to report illegal immigrants to police to ensure security in the country.

Spokesperson for the department, Joseph Chauwa, said the issue of illegal entry puts the security of every country at a risk hence it is important for the department to arrest immigrants who enter the country illegally.

He called on every Malawian to be patriotic and responsible by making sure that the illegal immigrants are being reported to the department.

Chauwa explained that the security of the country relies on every person in the country.

He then assured that the department will come up with strategic measures to address the challenge.

According to Chauwa, the department has been conducting campaigns in the country to sensitise people on the dangers of aiding illegal immigrants and not reporting them to police.

“We have been conducting sensitisation campaigns with the members of the general public to make sure that the issue of illegal immigrants comes to an end,” he explained.