Rape cases on the rise in Machinga


Case of rape have increased in Machinga over the past the year, Police say.

Machinga Police Station and its eight Police formations have recorded 77 sexual offences from January to September this year compared to 71 cases during the same time last year.

However Police in the district have managed to reduce criminal cases over the past year.

Rape MalawiThis is according to Sub Inspector Damiano Paluma Station Research and Planning Officer who said criminal cases have dropped by 22 percent.

Paluma said in 2016 from the month of January to September (Third Quarter) the station registered 1366 criminal cases while this year over the same period 1064 cases have been registered.

He added that during the same period in 2016, 13 homicide cases were registered while this year 8 cases have been registered representing 38% decrease.

He continued by saying that the district registered 39 robbery cases in 2016 compared to 31 cases of the same nature this year.

The police station recorded 423 burglaries last year compared to 333 cases this year; 40 road accidents were registered in 2016 while 44 road accidents have been registered this year representing 10% increase; and 20 fatal road accidents were registered in 2016 while 19 fatal road accidents have occurred in the district this year.

In addition, zero cases involving attacks on people with albinism have been recorded this year while at this time last year the number   was five.

Paluma said these cases have dropped due to sensitization meetings which are frequently conducted by all police formations in Machinga and due to mutual relationship between police and community policing members.



  1. machinga atsikana amaonjeza kwambiri even mu Jo’burg Capetown mkawapeza population yao ili high pankhani za uhule mavalidwe osazilemekeza asiyen aphudzile