Manong’a organises Mother’s Day show

Robin’s Park will on 16th October host a Mother’s Day concert which has been organised by one of the country’s gospel music maestro Grolia Manong’a.

The concert is expected to blow up the patronage’s minds because of its diversified line up. The featured artists have been systematically lined up in order to enchant the audience and make them to be on cloud nine.

Paul Banda
Paul Banda: To spice up the show.

According to Manong’a, the main aim of the show is to bring together families in order to celebrate mother’s day in style.

“We have organised this show in order to bring together different families so that they celebrate Mother’s Day in a very enjoyable manner. As you already know that mothers are very adorable hence we need to celebrate them sincerely as the bible teaches us to do so in Exodus 20 vs 12,”said Manong’a.

The concert will bring together legendary gospel musicians in the country who have touched and transformed the souls of different people for so long.

Among other artists available for the show are Paul Banda, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Allan Ngumuya, POV (Prophets Of Vision)  and Wyclef Chimwendo.

Besides, the show will also be spiced up by the country’s renowned comedian Manganya (Michael Ussi) and stand-up comedian Mr Jokes in order to put the audience at ease while enjoying the show.

Another artist present at the show will be the intriguing Richard Mphangazila also known as Guitar Namano. He was named after his peculiar skill of plucking a guitar with his teeth.

Manon’ga at the concert is expected to dish out songs such as Amuna anga mundikonde, Chilengedwe changa and Muyende nane.

During the show, lucky mothers will walk away with assorted gifts such as kitchen utensils as gratuity for their tremendous job in raising the world.

The show will start at One O’clock sharp and is expected to end at the crack of the dusk.




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