Malawi is a model – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Malawi leader Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) has urged citizens to be proud of their country arguing it is a model in the world.

Speaking at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe after arriving from the United States where he attended the 72ND United National General Assembly (UNGA), Mutharika said Malawi is now a model on ending child marriages and in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Malawi is a model in the world.

Mutharika disclosed that the world is appreciating efforts to end early marriages citing a documentary that featured Senior Chief Kachindamoto of Dedza.

“Malawi is a model even the secretary general said so. We should get away of this negative attitude and embrace positive thinking. We need to change and boost our country. Let us speak positive about our nation and be in line with those that see good in our nation,” he said.

He added that the country had 38 meetings in the United States with some meetings being handled by the president while others were attended by cabinet ministers.

Mutharika also said the country has opened doors for foreign help in irrigation sector and added that Malawi will benefit a lot in terms of investment opportunities due to his trip.



  1. i have read all these great comments…brothers,verbal war will not yield casualties.we are being taken for granted.they steal our money,drive fancy cars,big houses supported with gen sets,lie to us and many other atrocities to minors as if that is not bad enough…killed our power supply the only thing we were left of.I SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ,LET’S BE ANGRY AND TAKE IT TO THE STREETS AND TO ESCOM WITH ANGER AND MIGHTY FORCE.”UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL”

  2. Malawi is a model u mean za “mdulidwe Wa abambo?”

    Mr President, Dziko lopanda magesi, dziko la corruption ngati ili. Ngati lino lili model NDE Rwanda ndi Tanzania ndi chani?

  3. Model? Then it is an old model kkkkkkkkkkk….am joking but I don’t believe you.mabodza basi,mwakakhuta kumeneko mkubwerako ndi bodza…..basi??

  4. Mr. President, Malawians are very, very proud of their country. And that is why many of them have never run away from this beautiful soil for a green card. The problem are you guys, in the political leadership positions. You have lots of money! Lots…! Eish! You only share the poor when it’s campaign period. How dare you? How do you feel when you see a poor man/woman who is not his/her fault not to go to school, now in abject poverty? Don’t give him/her money but simply provide him/her with solutions that will leave a permanent mark to his/her life. Teach him/her how to fish!

  5. We have two heroes in the story and they are the mai Chief TA Kachindamoto and Juliana Lunguzi, MP. Juliana has been a mentor for the TA and she has really stood by her principles of wanting to see change in her area. I mean Juliana the MCP MP for Dedza East. Many other MCP MP will follow suite I know, but for the DPP they are busy parading TA in political parties. Shameful. We need our president to start saying the world is saying people of Mtakataka and other areas of Dedza East have given the country pride. :Let other TAs go there and learn. Its high time we brought our TAs to work. they need to be paid for high level performance like that one….

  6. 70% living in poverty,high HIV AIDS infection,70% of population has no back account,less than 20% has access to poor quality services of electricity,poor access to clean and safe water,High illiteracy levels,very high unemployment levels,Poor and very low quality education,high and rapid growing population,very high early marriages,poor road network,poor and very little infrastructure, poor and unreliable healthcare,Famine and annual shortage of food,80% agriculture dependent economy which is subsistence, poor livelihood, high rates of malaria and death due to curable disease s ndatopa kwinako you can add… Chosilila nchani pamenepa

  7. Dziko lanji lingasilile malawi? Kkkkkkk koma zina ukamva? God forbid. Malawi dziko lowawa kukhalamo ngati ka jeheña. Daily umva andale aba ndalama mm shameful

  8. It was a mistake 4 me to be born here called nyasaland i regret …which ppo like MW even ask trump him self he cant even dare 2 step his foot on MW soil.our country is ill.

  9. Yes I must be proud of being Malawian. I didn’t choose it’s my right of birth to be Malawi. But I feel embarrassed in current problem. Yes every country have problem but ours a far worse. Ok let’s be financial crisis but with democratic crisis then we are going backwards. DPP cadets harassing citizens just to show off. As a citizen we have right in constitution to speak our expressions. But if we do so police is used to silence citizens is that something we must be proud of. Kusiyana zipani ndimbali yademocracy. But kuno kwathu kusiyana zipani ndiudani. Tikadzudzula boma zolakwika tikuzudzidwa kodi ndi democracy? Ena sabata yathayi aminister instructed police to arrest officials for meeting of salary. Ok late payment must affect from the top to bottom. Than bottom only. Ndiufulu wathu ngati sindikukhutisidwa ndisankhe wina amene tikumufuna ndiye democracy. Vomelani kulakwa ngati zalakwika. That’s why for now I am not proud of being Malawian.

  10. As am writing my phone battery is less than 15 %,no electricity, am a civil servant but am yet to receive my sept salary..

  11. The President is trying to say :
    1→Black outs are all over the world…South Africa had the problem;and if we solve how to get rid of them….other people are also immitating how to get rid of them.
    2→Late salaries are everywhere(Zambia is an example);and if we manage to sort out that then others will also manage to sort that out.
    3→Cashgate is in so many countries…and our leaders will help sort that big problem.
    4→Hunger is all over the world(even UK has the hungry on the street);and its also up to we citizens to help the world sort this one out.
    5→University fees problem is there in South Africa and western world and its up to everyone to get involved to help the world.
    6→Etc…..everything…we are being watched Malawians!!

    1. Pliz don’t say it’s world crisis bcoz you have never seen other world, stop being crazy my friend, there r other African countries never experience blackout e.g. Rwanda a small not peaceful enough but they r doing well and matching forward in terms of development

    2. Jeremot Nkhoma Dr.Kamuzu once produced the quote below↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
      “In Nyasaland we mean to be masters, and if this is treasonable, make the most of it” HKB.

    3. Michael J Jimu Malawi is a model of:
      1◆ Under developed countries → thru underpriviledged Malawian
      2◆The western world thru some very intelligent Malawians.
      3◆Its actually every body else in the world thru some Malawians who have experienced almost each and every sector of #LIFE!!!

    4. Michael J Jimu you being a genious is not necessarily being on the top notch….look at the following quotes↓↓↓↓
      Ours is a struggle for justice, not domination (Nelson Mandela).
      How I wish the world had such leadership quality!
      Prof.Lusayo Mwabumba from Mzuni University says:
      Let the rich be patient while we give services to the poor. I am beginning to really like this Juju Malena EFF leader.

      Take care of the Tambalas and the Kwachas will take care of themselves!!
      The sin of pride. Ask the Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar!!

  12. How are we going to embrace positives when our direct aid of LDF,CDF,DDF are being plundered at your watch…when our children are hardly accessing education under scorching sun…we talk positive when we living good…..

  13. Pliz pitala stop being crazy, how can we be model to the world with all poverty claiming many lives everyday and daylight poverty? Nonsense

  14. Which world? Do countries admire to become corrupt, having no power all day long, having cardet terrorists, portable water scarcity, cashgaters, nepotism, bloodsuckers, barring others from any gathering. What a shame

  15. Chinekeeee, God forbid. Which world ingasilire a country of cashgaters, maizegaters, albino killings, bloodsuckers etc, probably Jupter.

  16. Malawi it can’t change any how ,,,why the same cabinet from kwacha !!!to zinthuzatani zasintha!!!!!to DPP woyeeeee!!! and this pple they r stil there in the government,,,we knw in malawi even we don’t have a cars,but if we have food abundance pple they feel much better,

  17. A true president, osati dzija dzothawa ubusa dzija ayi.

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