Wanderers paid a referee to fix match against Moyale


The Malawi football scene is not holy as some people think and the scandal in which four referees have been banned for life is just a tip of the iceberg.

Just days after being handed a life ban by National Referees Committee (NRC) for trying to fix a Carlsberg Cup tie between Chitipa United and Nchalo United, second assistant referee Limbani Chisambi has come out in the open to confess that there are intermediaries who receive bribes from team officials to fix games.

Wanderers paid a referee to fix match against Moyale.

NRC banned for life Aziz Nyirenda, assistant referees Chisambi and Stephano Gomani and fourth official Jimmy Phiri for receiving K15 000 from Nchalo United’s officials to try to officiate the game in their favor.

However, things turned sour when officials from Nchalo FC demanded their money back after the club lost the match and when the issue came out to the public, the culprits were handed the permanent bans by their body.

Speaking for the first time after the incident, Chisambi told the state broadcaster MBC that they are just victims as there are others who receive money to fix matches.

“There are people here in Mzuzu who are receiving money on behalf of the referees in order to fix matches. Just recently, a referee, who was not even part of the officiating personnel in a match involving Moyale Barracks and Be Forward Wanderers, got K100 000 from Nomads supporters just to influence the result of the game.

“The ones who are doing this are top officials in the referees’ body and they are aware of this. Surprisingly, we are the ones being the victims here but time will come where the names will be revealed. I did not collect any money from Chitipa and Nchalo game and I am much gutted that my career has ended in this manner,” he told MBC.

NRC’s General Secretary Chris Kalichero was not available for a comment.

Meanwhile, some soccer commentators have questioned the decision to have the four referees banned when Nchalo United who are the main culprits in the saga have been let off the hook.



  1. afufuzidweso ku supa lig! Team ya masini iyi kkkkkkk,, ena amaichula kut ayaya fc,, ena amat mikozo fc kkkkkkkkk ena amat mafuta akhumba fc,, kaya pano ndie akumat chan??

  2. Kkkkkkkk!ayamba kale,ayamba kale,,,,,,,,,,,ayamba kale kunjenjemera iwowo atangomva kuti atangomva noma ikubwela kunjenjemeraaaaaa!!!

  3. Wina kaya safuna kaya afuna koma noma ikutenga basi man u tym ya feg ankapanganso match fixing tandiwuzani ndikuti komwe kulibe chinyengo even ku fifa kumakhalanso katangale

  4. *War within: Kelvin Moyo calls on ACB to investigate Bullets’ match fixing allegations* By Andrew Cane Chilapondwa Nyasa Big Bullets suspended General Secretary Kelvin Moyo has asked the Malawi Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate Bullets’ match fixing allegations, Malawi24 can reveal. Moyo was suspended by the team’ board of trustees for ‘insubordination’ on Sunday and was told to immediately handover all his responsibilities to his deputy until the whole issue is investigated.But despite this, Moyo has urged ACB to investigate the matter saying match fixing is a very serious offence that needs not to be tolerated. “I have been suspended for exposing acts of corruption by one of the trustees who told the technical panel before a match in Lilongwe not to worry because he had already fixed the match. So, I am urging the ACB to investigate this issue. Match fixing is a very serious offence that needs to be kicked out of our football.” “I will not rest till the truth comes out because I have got all the evidence that this official from the board of trustees did this evil act so let ACB do their work,” he explained.And reacting to Moyo’s sentiments, one of the members from the board of trustees Jim Kalua said the suspended General Secretary used the wrong channel in addressing the issue. “Kelvin Moyo was holding a very important position at the club and he should have followed proper procedures in reporting the issue. Why was he reporting to the media before engaging the main executive committee of the Club? Does he report to the media? Match fixing is a very serious offence that needs not to be tolerated but still more, he was supposed to follow the right channel before taking the issue to the media,” said Kaluwa. Officials from FAM and Super League of Malawi (Sulom) are yet to comment on the issue.

  5. *Bullets in match fixing allegations*
    With fewer games to play before the closure of the season, TNM Super League defending champions Nyasa Big Bullets camp has been hit with a match fixing scandal, Malawi24 can reveal.
    According to media reports, one of Bullets’ trustee (name withheld), told the technical panel before Silver Strikers match in Lilongwe not to worry because he had already fixed the match but this did not go well with General Secretary Kelvin Moyo who openly told the executive that he was not happy with the development.
    Immediately, Moyo was suspended by the executive committee for ‘insubordination’ and was told to hand over power to his vice till the whole issue is investigated. Made the claims.
    But reacting to the development, Moyo said he was surprised with the decision to have him suspended without proper reasons.
    “Yes, I have just been told about my suspension but on what grounds? For exposing acts of corruption by a trustee? “Here is a trustee who told members of the coaching panel before a match in Lilongwe not to worry because he had fixed the match and I have all the evidence and I fail to understand why they are punishing me for doing the right thing. Do they want us to entertain match-fixing and what message are we sending?” Moyo was quoted by the Nation newspaper.
    Moyo has also been accused of taking Bullets’ issues to the media without consulting fellow executive members.#2015/2016 season#

  6. What will happen to the points they gained unfairly. If it was another team surely the points could have been deducted and the team punished. But since its Noma i doupt if FAM or Sulom will act. Pure hypocricy

    1. Nanunso akuti carlsberg not Tnm mtima simukumva bho mukaona kuti tnm sizikuyenda ngati kuli kutenga carlsberg kwa nbb apeleke kwa moyale

  7. MK15 ,000 kuchosedwa nayo ntchito ma Referees okwana 4 munagawana zingati kuno ndi R220 munthu amayipeza within a Hour paday

  8. Following this scandal with keen interest on how FAM leadership will discipline Beforward Wanderers. Pa nkhate wawa

  9. Neba akufunika special taking care of coz they’re desperate to win league this season nde achita chilichonse chothekera kuti awine koma mpira nde mulibemo ma player omaoneka ngati olisha ng’ombe @ Chester

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