Rwandan fined for registering as Malawian


A court in Nkhotakota has fined a Rwandan national for registering during the National Identity Registration exercise.

The Nkhunga First Grade magistrate court has fined the 28 year-old Rwandan national K600, 000.

The convict identified as Christopher Victor was arrested on July 21, 2017 at Kamange village in Nkhotakota after police got tipped on his registration.

At police, he voluntarily confessed that he indeed registered. He also revealed that he has stayed in the country for over five years and has no citizenship card.

In court, he pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against him and in mitigation the convict pleaded for court’s mercy claiming that he committed the offence due to ignorance and that he has a family.

Magistrate Buleya took into consideration his mitigation factors and ordered him to pay a fine of K600, 000 or in default to spend 24 months in the cooler.

The convict managed to pay the fine.




  1. Mkumadabwa tikuchulukana kumalawi amalawi apa ndiye sitili save ndithu. zangofika za nthawi ya kamunzu yoti munthu akangogula card ndi mmalawi. Dziko linadzaza ndi anthu obwela.

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    1. Are
      You not crossig into SA without papers and become South Afican.We are Africsns his black like you and me .Robbing you what???

    2. Ellard Alfred, no-one crosses into SA without papers and becomes a SOUTH AFRICAN, you are talking lies. You RWANDANS are illegal immigrants in MALAWI and still you want to steal CITIZENSHIP, you are ungrateful. Our GOVERNMENT must give a heavy FINE and DEPORT YOU BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.

    3. @ Ellard Alfred be civilised . The issue isn’t about black or African. it’s about citizenship. Mind u Malawi is a constitutional coutry there 4 if citizenship need be , follow procedures if u qualify 4 application. It’s not only in Malawi even in Rwanda I don’t think ur government will tolerate such behaviours

    4. Yes, we are all Gods creation,we love you as fellow blacks. Dont think that we hate you, with a proper document you will have no stress when you go out there bra.

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