Mutharika coming back

President Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika will not stay further in the United States of America where he went for the United Nations General Assembly.

Government has announced that the President will return to Malawi from the United States of America on Monday.

President Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Coming back on Monday.

Mutharika went to the US to attend the 72nd UN General Assembly which ended on September 25 and there was speculation about the date of his return.

But now government has confirmed the president will be back in Malawi next week.

According to a public announcement from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), President Mutharika is expected to return on Monday, 2nd October 2017, at 12:30 p.m. through the Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe.

During his trip in the US, Mutharika addressed the UN General Assembly, the HeforShe International meeting in ending child marriages, and a meeting with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) on the US$350 million power line project in connecting Malawi with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia.



  1. What about this press released about his extended days of stay in the US and any matters that needs his attention should go to the biggest Maize gate guy…this world people are playing around with our feelings. Here it only shows kuti khoswe ali pa mphika uyu sangapheke moti za milandu izi tizingomva kuti zasintha mpakana 2019 kenako kuyiwarako. Wina kungoyerekeza kuba nkhuku pompopompo kukalowa kundendende, mu mudziwe Yesu inu

    1. Mtchona anapita kwawo. Akubweranso kudzatibera. Koma a Malawi dziko silingatheke ndi matchona ayi.

  2. It was inevitable that this time, APM, will not stay long as last year in the US. They knew it that that silly mistake cannot work this time. It was silly because the State house failed to communicate with the minister of information for him to defend on behalf of APM with all lies. Instead he developed cold feet which consequently resulted into his dismissal. So ladies and gentlemen, APM, the state president of the republic of Malawi, coming back from UNGA with just little for poor people to smile about. Malawi at crossroads!

  3. Our big man is coming. Guyz lets help him push the city councils to start demolishing old houses in our cities and force owners to build modern houses so that ous cities should develop. We have corrupt and idle city councils here in Malawi

    1. He is not using ndlama za thumba mwake the more he stays the more ndlama zikupita pazithu zopanda pake, its not about personal grudges tamazindikila nanuso kunja kwacha uku

  4. Fellow Malawians, let us learn to respect our leaders… are you sure it is only APM who remained at UN? Do you have a list of Heads of State and their dates of departure from UNGA? Even if he could spend another one month… Tichepetse nsanje.. u president si wamasewera ayi.. kuzolowera kunyoza basi

  5. Anzake onse abwerako kale koma maniwa amaonako bwino,osamangopita azikakhala komweko bwanji kuno azingobwera kuzatenga malipiro ndikutibera kakwacha kathu kosakoleraka?shupiti

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