Mutharika questioned over citizenship: commentator alleges he still keeps US green card


The allegiance of President Peter Mutharika to Malawi has come under scrutiny again.

President Peter Mutharika

Mutharika at the UN

Mutharika is yet to return home from the United States of America leading to questions over his extended his stay.

The president went to the United Sates to attend the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which ended on Monday.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi told a local television recently that the date of Mutharika’s return will be communicated to Malawians later.

However, social commentator Onjezani Kenani wondered if the president really gave back his US green card as he claimed before he became president of Malawi.

“It’s that season of the year when President Peter Mutharika pulls his disappearing act. Did he truly surrender the green card? Looks like he just pulled wool over our eyes, and so each year he takes advantage of the UNGA to fulfill the green card terms. You know, holders of a green card must stay a minimum number of days in America per year. The UNGA ended on Friday last week, but Mutharika’s whereabouts cannot be traced,” said Kenani in a Facebook post.

Speaking on the issue, Executive Director of Youth and Society (YAS) Charles Kajoloweka said government takes Malawians for granted because they do not demand transparency and accountability.

“If we were able to mobilise ourselves and demand accountability, this would have easily been prevented,” he said.

Mutharika left Malawi on September 15 and attended the UNGA from 19 to 25 September.



  1. Uyambe wachita withdrew mau oti opusa, kenako upepese ungazayambe kupezeka opalamula mlandu chifukwa chonena mau oti opusa. silaziko pano koma ukazatha moyou

  2. It doesn’t matter whether he is keeping green card or not infarct he is a Malawin president. As a first Malawin citizen have got a freedom of nature

  3. Who ever is a green card holder will appreciate and know how important it is not to revoke it in a number of countries it is acceptable to have dual citizenship oh gosh my poor country wake up and know that it is the same green card holders who are running the economy of Malawi

  4. A good number of Malawians in Diaspora now have dual citizenship. Am sure Chaponda has a green card too. Chakwera can have it in his bookshelf as well. The wife to Henry Mussa am sure has a Zimbabwean citizenship. How about JB?The best the legal practitioners can do is to incorporate dual citizenship in our laws so that it shouldn’t be haunting anymore. I mean, had it not been of Bakili to single handedly pick Bingu as UDF 2004 presidential candidate, APM couldn’t have been Malawi president and the issue of Green card couldn’t be known to all of us. It can be true APM still holds a green card, but who are we to question him? Besides, if someone wants to gather information from US embassy, the embassy officials cannot shed correct information. They would only cook lies for us to believe because they would not want to embarrass the president.

  5. Ma comments ndawelenga apa angoonekeratu kut amalawi ambiri adakali mudima ndipo zimakoma matchona akamalamulira dxikoli mm . Trump will rule. Us soon we dont care whether he is from france america or asia come here pliz yu will find stupid malawians who cant use their heads properly. Who cant evn see something wrong for a presdnt to have green card wake up malawi

  6. Mulungu atithandize kuti mavuto tili nawo achepe apatu nkhani si g c koma umphawi ngakhale popanda g c mavuto akanakhalapo kodi kuzima kwa magetsi ndi g c? Timati timaopa mulungu adzatiyankha

  7. sizikuthandizani.the guy gut dual citizenshp.kulikosa angakhaleko ndikwao.kumusakilanji kod?inu akukukanizani ndani kupita konko kukatenga green cardyo?yesses!!!

  8. Yes Kevin Jumbe. Thus true, he is banking the donor money in foreign bank accounts, should he die there, his kids are assured good life than our fellow Malawians.

  9. Flora Manyusa, u should care coz if he didn’t have another home, he would develop the place or his heart would be with the people and their welfare but as it is, he will not care what the hell happens to my father who can’t run to the U.S. to live a comfortable life with money taken from your govt.

  10. Good and bad pieces of comments but the initiator of this discourse is stupid. He is in diaspora but contributes nothing to Malawi apart from this nonsense. This topic will not solve any single problem among problems facing this country.

  11. What I have come to know from our President is that education only does not make one clever or intelligent. He is well educated yes but obviously his manner of doing things and speaking does not show that he is intelligent and clever to be a leader. A Malawi tinabetsa big time.

  12. Each time the president goes to America this issue comes out why malawians eishhhh learn to mind your own businesses please and bring food on your table

  13. I lived almost 40 years in Zambia and have resident permit but that does not mean i am Zambian, green card is resident permit in America it does not mean one is a citizen. Mudzi yenda to understand things, Kamuzu used to say traveling is education, tackle real issues, theres people in Malawi using Malawi passports when they dont qualify thats what we are suppose to talk about not worrying fellow Malawians.

  14. ziko lotembeleredwa ndimalawi komanso ena mu africa! kusankha president nkhalamba yachabechabe,nzeru zinatha kale amangokankhidwa ndimakoswe enawo adyera ma rubbish!

  15. We are just too useless as a nation to be facts realistic. If Democracy emerges out of bloodshed, it’s when our leaders can respect the electorates. I have gathered a million facts to make our nation real out of blood shed. Capital Hill need complete overhaul. Without this, it will mean nothing as all that we have strived for to make our democracy perfect since 1994 will be vanity. Hate blood shed and die stupid and end up in hell!!

  16. When you reach a position of a State presdent, its not easy to be defeated in what so ever circumstances. its the biggest last position on earth. So dpnt waate your time with HE

  17. We Malawians we are fooling ourselves in believing that, we fought for our ” INDEPENDENCE and ” DEMOCRACY”. We are too scared to face our ” LEADERS” whom we chose/ elected ourselves bcoz we are too scared to loose our ” LIVES” for real ” DEMOCRACY”. In Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Angola, Burundi, DRC, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe and many other African countries they genuinely fought for their ” LIBERATIONS” that’s why they do not fear to die. They know the ” GUNS” we do not know nothing even the ” SOUND”. Our “LEADERS” are climbing on top of our heads bcoz they are protecting their own ” ASSETS”.

  18. Amalawi kaya ndi ku pusa, kusowa chochita, kapena kumbwambwana, kumangolondola kumatako a presdent, m, malo mokhala bizy ndi tchitozanu, inunso amabungwe tatopa nanu, chifukwa choti dpp samakunyemelani ndiye mumangotokota zilizonse, koma nthawi imene ndalama zinkabedwa kunyumba za boma ndi jb munalikuti mwina munkaba nawo ndichifukwa simunkatokota. Momwe ndege imabedwa inu munali kuti, ndiye chifukwa ndi dpp mudzingolakhula zopusa tatopanazo, afotokoze tsiku lobwela akakuuzani kuti mutani, pali amene malipilo sanalandile akufikila apeter?, kapena kukubwera alendo akufuna adzawapeze, tiyene tidzimudiya presidenti akhale president

  19. Very stupid pipo without any hope for the country. Even if he has what’s de problem? Instead kumakamba za chitukuko bizy kumakhalira kukamba za green card.

  20. Instead of tackling critical bread and butter issues, its sad to see people wasting energy on citizenship of the president. A long time before him, Akim Kamnkhwala Mtunthuma Banda went out out of Malawi being educated in southern rhodesia and later on in Scotland, and eventually returned to lead in the birth of Malawi. Never was his Scotish citizenship or scottish name of John Hastings an issue then, why should it be an issue now for a president whose life has some similarities to the returnee founding president before him?

    • Malawians were under the oppressing regime of Dr Banda under his one party rule and therefore could not question the credibility of his citizenship then. We never had any right to question any dodgey dealings by the then leaders.

      It is of paramount importance for citizens to know the origins of their leaders to avoid more problems for the future generations. These foreign leaders have no interest at all about our country. Bread and butter can not be easily accessed if our money is taken out of the country for development in the USA where these heartless leaders belong.

    • Dr Banda did not start by being a hardliner against people. He was invited to lead and hence his citizenship was never an issue not because of his one party rule. In any case, if you look very carefully into the current legislature, a significant number of Members of Parliament also hold dual citizenship, which is not a crime. If people feel they made a wrong choice, make sure you vote wisely in the next elections so as to correct your mistakes. For now, accept he is the duly elected president of the Republic of Malawi. If you want to outlaw dual citizenship and make Malawi an isolated rather than a global village, then ammend the constitution to outlaw dual citizenship.

    • Dual citizenship is already outlawed. Those with dual citizenship are only advantage because they are ruling party members of parliament.

      However, possibly the government is looking into the process of legalising it. Zambia has just done it. So according to your argument, then we are isolated globally already

    • They are still not wise if they fail to see that globalisation requires Malawians to have a global presence which should not be restricted by singular citizenship.

  21. Its no longer a secret that the president still possess the green card. Every year Muthalika goes to UNGA he stays in America for almost one month coincidentally, one of the conditions for a green card is that you have to live in America for at least 30 days every year. If my assumption is wrong let Muthalika come back home and campaign before Oct 17. Unfortunately I don’t see him coming before the by elections.

  22. kodi amabungwe enanu munangozolowela kuyankhula zonyoza? pali nkhani pamenepo granted yanji, malo molimbana ndi moyo wanu kuona kuti kodi khristu yesu atangoti mbwee lelo ZANU zilibwino,? odala wachuma naopa yehova osalimbana ndi za mdziko, chisanzo amwakasungula, lelo kumatchula dzina layehova zknyadisa, nthawi yatha m’bale wa bungwe we zindikila komwe kukupitidwa mau alipo timvele akulu tilemekeze akulu akutilamulila, masiku kungopita pang’ono mwayamba kulongolola eeeeeee timakhala bwanji atikhululukile mulungu pa kuzuzula kwathu

  23. Zodya ana zinapota akulu koma lero tikuti zodya akulu lero zipota ife ana, mistake ya a tcheya lero tikuzunzika ndife, zikukhudzeni muliko

  24. Ku malawi dual citizenship simulandu and this can not making anyone not to participate in any public function including holding public offices…consult constitution

    • Dont u know that?? Check constitution….thats y that time of amayi they used allegiance reffering to dual citizenship of Apm but that did not yield anything constitutionally….what people dont know is that we dont judge any case using someones’ opnions but what constitution says…am basing on constitution not opnions

    • Yes I don´t know. Since when? Because I remember Peter Mutharika himself has been saying he had a plan to make malawians holders of dual citizenship. He even set up a commission to work on the issue.

  25. This madala is here to milk poor citizens dry then Join Joyce in Washington Dc. nothing good from him he is a failure.

  26. Yes, its good to know about his green card, but won’t yield anything. But today why has it become an issue? The reason is that he behaves strange and absurb. We all have US green cards from various backgrounds, but we are ever saints in whatever way we do and interact. Peter is strange somehow..

  27. Hmmm a malawi stizatheka,,there lots of issues tuyenera kupanga handle nde bax wina from nowhere kumanena zopusazi,,r u going to get a reward after those stupid accusations??

  28. That’s the payment from the mistake we did by putting into power someone who has stayed more than half of his age in foreign countries and whom does not even know where misuku is

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