MRA pounces on Access Communications


..massive retrenchment looms

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has pounced on Access Communications Limited, Malawi24 has learnt.

This is due to the company’s underpayment, nondisclosure and failure to pay taxes for about five years.

Access Communications Limited: Pounced.

Reports say Access owes MRA K850 Million and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) K275 Million for failure to pay license fees to the telecommunication sector regulator.

Malawi24 also understands that the company owes the Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) money amounting to K87 Million and the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) up to K90 Million.

The company is also yet to settle a $600,000 package to telecom appliances supplier Huwaei.
In the meantime, there are fears among workers at the company.

It is reported that the company will retrench workers to cut costs so as to settle the loans.
Access carries out mobile phone and internet services.



  1. just because the First Gentleman has shares in the company, they want to suffocate it thinking is Joyce Banda’s. The daughter of JB, Njaliwe, is the director in the company. Its not what you always what see…. there are undercurrents

  2. misonkho yapa malawi sindiyeona bwino,nsonkho wa lebala mpaka 20 000 ndiye munthu wogwila ntchito mukumusila chiyani ngat ndkunama come and see misonkho yathu ife ogwila ku illovo sugar nchalo,

    1. That is what they call pay as you earn. Moti ngati mukumva kuwawa ndiye bwino kuti tsiku lina tidzathandizane kuukira ndikutsutsa maganizo a anthu andale akutiberawa.

  3. Asians are siphoning too much money in malawi. Go to RSA you will find Asians starving with work. While here Govt are giving them licenxes to businesses which can been owned by malawians. Come to Chiwembe as we are going to FAM the whole land has been given to Foregners up to Misesa instead of Govt building residwntials houses. Oh Shame

    1. sounds quite Xenophobic – something else RSA blacks are also very good at alongside the regular murder and mayhem inflicted on foreign nationals everytime they cant find an excuse to blame apartheid

  4. These companies need to be given some heavens from bodies like MRA and MACRA. If the company is forced to comply things at a wrong time may force them to retrench. Let’s formulate policies to protect companies from collapsing and going into retrenchment. Just an opinion.

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