Local Ngoni heritage movie on its way

As local filmmakers keep sweating to revamp the creative industry, one Kelvin Maxwell Ngoma has not been left behind having produced a Ngoni heritage movie.

The movie titled Reign of Terror, is set in Dowa rural with focus on keeping alive the Ngoni culture.

It also unmasks the ethnic group’s unknown values.

Kelvin Maxwell Ngoma: Produced a Ngoni heritage movie.

Ngoma told Malawi24 on Wednesday that the film will be released anytime from now thus people have to be on the lookout.

“The film is set in the iron age on the Ngoni society. It talks about the traditions, customs and way of life of the Ngoni people which has been forgotten by many in our country. The film tackles all Ngoni ways; marriage rites, hunting rites, coronation rites, initiations and festivals,” he said.

According to the producer, the movie rotates around the theme lost customs and traditions of the Ngoni tribe.

He added that the work of art will serve as a reminder to people who belong to the tribe about their way of life.

Disregarding the fact that the media product targets the Ngoni, Chichewa language has been used to a greater extent in the movie with a few Zulu words.

“The film is in Chichewa but some words are in Zulu. All important words are in the Ngoni native language like the king (inkosi), queen (inkosikati) and prince (isikhulu),” Ngoma said.

The project was sponsored by a Malawian based Canadian, Peter Kepkay who is also a film producer. High quality equipment was involved in the project, a signal of quality in the final product.

With the introduction of many private owned television stations in Malawi, Ngoma is confident of having his product featured handsomely once it is out.



    1. @charles we have chosen chichewa because if we use Zulu people are going to think its a south African film.

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