Chief to punish junior chiefs


Culture allows boys to go for initiation ceremony but keeping them in camps while their friends are in class has angered Senior Chief Makanjira of Mangochi.

The chief has vowed to punish his junior chiefs for allowing the young boys to still be in camps when schools opened last week.

Initiation ceremonies anger chief.

Reports reveal that some chiefs under Chief Makanjira allowed the boys to be at the initiation camps a week after schools had opened.

Makanjira disclosed that he had ordered his chiefs to let the boys decamp for them to go school.

He added that he has summoned over 100 chiefs to give their side of the story on the issue before giving a punishment to them for allowing that to happen.

As part of culture, young boys are sent to initiation ceremonies for them to be prepared to adulthood. The boys also have their foreskins cut as part of culture.



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