Wa Jeffrey kicking DPP out of government

Greselder Jeffrey

A Political scientist in the country has described public utterances by the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Secretary General Grezeda wa Jeffrey as words that are affecting the reputation of the party.

Recently, Jeffrey attacked a Malawi Congress Party(MCP) candidate by calling him a rapist.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: The remarks were not right.

Jeffrey told people of Area 23 in Lilongwe not to vote for Ulemu Msungama as he is unmarried and he once raped his cousin hence not fit to represent people in the area.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said the remarks by the DPP SG were not right.

”It is not right. Her words are affecting the reputation of the party in some way. She may be trying to be taking a tough stance, acting like a gatekeeper.


“ But there are other ways she can defend the party from its critics than what she is currently doing. People like her are keeping reason and objectivity away from our politics,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the ruling party’s Secretary General has of late been putting the party in controversies and she has attracted unnecessary attention which is affecting the reputation of the party.

He further said that Malawi is a democracy and there is no need for political bullying.

“DPP is a party in power, and often the lure to feel at the top of everyone and everything is attractive. But there is more to Malawi than her being the Secretary General or DPP being the ruling party,” he said.




  2. Zachisoni amalawi andale kumanyozana choncho ayi sizabwino pazikhala chilango kwamunthu amene aku nyoza Nzake I like DPP with a goverment but displine is very important

  3. This woman has so much dirty on everyone, BUT IS SHE CLEAN???????? Please anyone have dirty on this woman let us know because she makes too much noise as if she is a SAINT!!!!!

  4. kkkkkkkkkk whats wrong with you? she is only performing her duties. she is doing what she is in for. How can you be apastor without talking evil of the devil? a bb suppoter without talking ill of noma? abest player osatha njomba? there 4 politicians talk evil to provoke their opponets. Do you remember Devis Kapito, Msonda, Kaliati and many governors?

    1. Busy kulemba pamenepa inu mukuona ngati mwalemba mfundo pamenepa?.You are such a wasted sperm.

  5. Kkkkk ena alemba kuti palibe chipan choposa DPP zoon akikambazo pokuba DPP ili pa one posasamala ili pa one kuzimisa mages ili pa one kulombikisa a sirty kulanda azimai gane itaun ili pa one kusowa MADZI aukhondo ili pa one ndi zoona palibe angaponse DPP popanga zopusa

  6. I now agree that there are some women like this one thinking below Dog’s integrity! Kutukwana Anthu nthawi zonse??? DPP is indeed Chimbudzi….

  7. women must venture into politics with clean mind and personality.insults and insinuations towards politics will just spoil their intellect and dignity.Let them find another way of maintainning gender equality otherwise if we left good people to be voted in power then the country will be ruled by criminals and prostitutes hence thieves will be there and a country full of prostitutes who cant even respect their hausbands.I rest my case.

  8. analanda ufumu kalelo naupeleka kwa oyenera, ndi chani chingamulake ambuye mulungu wachilungamo kulanda ulamuliro ku dpp ndikupeleka kwa indipendent president. wosadziwika ndi inu?

  9. Wa Jeffrey is a strong woman with a vibrant political acumen But she is spoiling the positives with her uncensored speeches.

  10. Multiparty democracy aims at transparency and informed choice. The scientist might have forgotten that we wanted democracy, where right choice is one of elements to formation of good governance development for the state. Never vote for thieves, rapists, dishonest people, a kambelembele, moyibis, a satanic, zigawenga ndi a kapsyala. Do not vote for them. Mudzalira.

  11. Palibe Chipani chingapose DPP malawi muno inu a news musamazinamize ndikulankhula monamizira akulu akulu achipani Ndipo a SG mukuwanamizirawi Ali nganganga pambuyo pa APM ndi chipani chawo cha DPP,, BLUE as a party for life

  12. The problem is the product that they are trying to sell. So far there’s nothing attractive about him that’s why the wounded SG is resorting into dirt talk.

  13. Kodi iwe mesa ndiwe ankakuchinda a Chilumpha mpaka nseru. Galu iwe kodi siiwe amene PS waku education ankakoka vi ma leven vako vonukhavo. Kodi si iwe unaba ndalama zaku education through bogus contracts. Mxiii usandichimwitse.

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