Malawi winning against AIDS

Antonio Guterres
Antonio Guterres meeting Peter Mutharika.

United Nations (UN) has congratulated Malawi for its effort to fight against HIV/AIDS.

The congratulatory sentiments have come from United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres during a meeting with president Peter Mutharika at UN Headquarters Building in New York City.

According to a statement issued from office of UN spokesperson, Guterres congratulated Malawi for “achieving fantastic progress in the area of HIV/AIDS.”

According to the statement, the United Nations Secretary General welcomed Malawi’s response to HIV/AIDS and encouraged further progress and also he commended Malawi on troop contributions to UN peace operations .

“President Peter Mutharika acknowledged the strong UN response to El Niño drought in the (Southern African) region ,” reads the statement.



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  2. Next time you manufacture your stupid virus, and you praise Malawi govt sky high while innocent people continue to swell in the name of falsely living longer. Our president, APM has never spoken at any forum about HIV/AIDS. He has kept quiet as if the pandemic doesn’t exist. I think APM has Thambo Mbeki’s philosophy. That HIV/AIDS is for the poor. Fellow Malawians, here we are, will it make sense to hear APM has been awarded an honorary PhD for the gallant fight on HIV /AIDS?

  3. The useless is what you post to have is indicating that your life is on risk so to plan fight against HIV is very important . It means we will have a bright future
    Ndikumapanga chitukuko ngakhale ukhale patchito uku ukumwa ma ARV sumanjoya ndalama zako
    Chocho mr president ndakunyadirani
    Mtundu wose wa Amalawi tanyadidira polandira ulemu woti dziko lamalawi latenga no 1 pogonjetsa Edzi.

  4. Kkkkkkkkkkkk I need a thorough explanation hw is Malawi winning the battle of ending HIV since each and every morning, day and night the number of those of us affected is largely increasing. Pple at NAC ( National Aids Committee ) and DAC ( District Aids Committee ) are mercilessly spending the money meant to help curb the pendemic

  5. This is useless do something that can help Malawi not what you’re texting home,open economic, development, relationship with people to promote the country. Negotiate, break through of jobs and education even technology import and export than flirting of photos with nothing important

  6. No we’re not. Statistics imeneyi yachokera kuti? Mukanadziwa ma plain akuyikidwa mu ghetto Kawale, Chinsapo, Likuni etc simukanalemba zimenezi. Cases are on the rise everyday.

  7. Anthu oipa awa.Amatipanga dala matenda kubweletsa ku Africa kuno cholinga azitipangila makondomu / ARV’S tizigula owo azilemera.Sianthu omawasekelera awa OIPA.

    1. It shows you don’t understand all is meant here! Partially its about , identifying those affected, treatting at least 90%,implementing measures in order the disease be arrested in spreading the diseases and civic education.

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