DPP Sued


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Malawi have sued the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).


Dpp blue night

Blue Night Keeps DPP in trouble..

The CSOs through their lawyer have successful sued DPP through Zomba high court for failing to pay the money it got from government parasastals during the blue night fundraising Gala.

This follows a withdraw from the dialogue that CSOs had with DPP on lack of seriousness by the ruling party.

DPP is reported to have solicited funds from Blantyre City Council (BCC), Mzuzu City Council (MCC) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) for the dinner and dance.

The development sparked anger among CSOs namely Youth and Society, Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Human Rights Consultative Committee who demanded that DPP must provide full list of parastatals and councils that funded blue night dinner and dance.

The development witnessed stakeholders accusing DPP of abuse of power for demanding money from the institutions.

But the ruling party insisted that the organisations were not forced to donate the cash hence it cannot return the money.



  1. the president of south korea was forced out of office over an issue like this but i think in malawi it’s ok.it started with NAC and malawians malawians are cool with it.this is a very cursed country.

  2. Suing smbody is according to what evidences u have at hand. This means the recipient had some sort of influence bcz is the one who knows how the law of the land works. Nobody can sue smbody without tangible grounds.

  3. Bullshit of CSOs… Don’t waste time in court issues if indeed your are doing the right thing of national importance… Suing Dpp is not the right gesture, but advocating for good governance policies that will protect our resources from party sponsorship.

  4. The cso has no teeth to bites the dpp coz its worried about money only and not the lives of human-beings like ” albinos”.

  5. The 13 comments I have read on this issue clearly show that the commentators do not understand why the CSOs are taking the DPP to court! Most of them, I believe, are the youth. As far as they are concerned, they do not care whether the money is refunded or not. Some even think that the CSOs are the ones who want the money! They fail to see that the money being talked about here has been stolen from the taxpayers. I can imagine the present crop of youth ruling Malawi say, 20 years from now – the country will be a total mess! I urge the youth in Malawi to be interested in issues that affect their welfare, present or in the future and contribute positively to the country’s development. The CSOs are fighting a good-cause fight and they need the support of all the youth in Malawi. After all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s adult. If the youth do not correct things now, they will have to blame themselves tomorrow when things will not be going according to their expectations. They will be the ones to cry.

  6. this guys they are rubish A Dpp anapempha munthu ngaati koma zinthu mkuthandizana mchifukwa chake anatengapo gawo a ma organisation nawo apangeso function yawo kuti adzwaitane Dpp siibweza or pangono enawo amve kuwawa basi

    • am not with you this is our tax we are talking about instead of saving our money for our kids we are paying tax which the Dpps are using the power they have to squander them too bad,its true they had to do fundraising but they should not use power to ask peristalsis for money,no electricity no water cause of bad and old pipes hence they are giving money to the party NDE ukati enawo apse mtima NDE ndi bodza bro chifukwa tose timva kuwawa cause we participate in government funds for paying tax

    • yap thats true its our tax but sometimes anthu pakachitika zinthu amaona ngati nkhani yakwana yoti ayankhule pazifukwa zandale ndiye sizinthu zabwino lets get together and build our beutiful Malawi