Minister Chiumia orders arrest of registration workers

Grace Chiumia

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia on Sunday told police to arrest registration officers who were holding a meeting in Mzuzu.

The officers who are carrying out the national registration exercise under the National Registration Bureau (NRB) were meeting at Mzuzu Shoprite ahead of a planned strike.

Grace Chiumia
Arrest them says Chiumia.

The registration officers want NRB to give them their arrears, leave grants and gratuities.

According to reports, Chiumia was tipped about the meeting and she went to the supermarket where she started observing the group from her car.

When they noticed the minister and approached her to address them, Chiumia rebuffed the registration officers and threatened to deal with them if they go ahead with plans to hold a strike.

She then left and later returned in the company of armed police. Some of the registration officer managed to run away upon seeing the police but others were arrested and taken to Mzuzu Police where they are being held.

According to the registration officers, NRB promised to give them arrears at the end of the third phase of the registration exercise but they are yet to be given the money.

Meanwhile, the registration workers have promised to shut down all registration centres in the Northern Region until their friends are released and their arrears are paid.



  1. I have never seen a a crippled minded like Grace Chiumia. Infact if I was the president of this country I would fire such a useless person in my cabinet. I can’t allow to work or hire such power abusing personalities in my cabinet. Min kulephela kupanga justify her actions pa Times radio dzulo kusonyeza kuti she acted out of emotions. Running a govt is a serious business that’s why sitifuna anthu a mtima ngati ntchetche the likes of this embecile min. I Call for her immediate resignation. she is not a leader

  2. Hon when making decisions bare in mind we are in democracy not one party rule hope u know very well what l mean lero mukulamula ndinu mawa ndi anzanu siinu wamuyaya mlingo womwe mukuyesela anzanu mawa azayeselaso inu think b4 u act timakukondani nchifukwa anthu tikulankhula don’t take us for granted plz, come 2019 ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

  3. Iyi ndi mbuli zomwe akupanga sakuziwa and she dont know her work i think now a best way to hunt her with a bullets of sniper then game over of the stupid women or minister.

  4. This minister discharges her duties ignorantly and there is division of labour in government all cost she must be on a policy level not working as a constable.below her there’s PS,Director and other posts within her minisrty .in this case it was upon her to call the IG and the IG calls the commissioner for the north and the commissioner to call Mzuzu OC that’s what we believe the chain was supposed to be like.let’s not use the police as a torturing material .our police work deligently and let’s not misuse them .they have their own ethics.we heard the very same minister snatching minibus keys 3 months ago .dziko sazenza.

  5. This leadership is the same as Zimbabwe… They dont want to see pple gethered. This 2019 we will use elimination method, just cool!

  6. Why arresting them?? Za ziiiii basi…give them their arrears!!

  7. Koma dpp ndie yafikapo, ati asapange strike koma akapitilize kulembera mavote awo 2019. Chiumia at her best. Koma tazimayi ta dpp ntizitosi ndithu

    1. Ntchito inanso kuposa yomwe ndikugwirayi???? Is asking people to pay for national registration, a freedom? I think its an abuse. They deserve arrest

  8. Its not a crime to hold a meeting…. This type of leadership is not unacceptable!!! Where’s she getting all this madness??….

  9. yahwe akungoyang’ana , Mwana wanzanu mpaka kutuma apolice amumange kukamugoneka mu cell !! Ndithawi yanu igwirisen ntchto

  10. Ndimamva chison ndikamaona anthu mukunyadila ufulu chonsecho mu kukhala moopsezedwa,musamanamizane kumalawi kulibe ufulu or mutakumbukila freedom day for 100yrs,kuponderezana sikuzatha

  11. In Malawi to do meeting is a crime? oooh what a shame country. A country you can’t express problems. Ukangoyelekeza ukathela ku ndende. Zopusa basi

  12. that’s our party when you break the law u must face the punishment

    arrest all those stupid officers koz they have got an mcp mindset

    1. Did you take your pills this morning? Or its your stupidity by birth. Ok they will be arrested, then what charges are they going to press against them, or they will manufacture charges. Think with your brain not anus.

    2. i was waiting for Michael to tl me something yarding but I see you that u r stupid than a dog you can’t be arrested without inspection. hop u wl go back to open school to study the law all in all I’m not stupid like you get the blessings

    3. Its your party yes full of stupidity our malawi our country has got laws to follow..if it is your party take it to your home,

    4. 4giv him,he has bin employed 2 wash dpp ass and gets k150 everyday as his dues,he is headless and brainless,such pipo would even sacrifice their spouses jst 2 fundraise blue night parties

    5. Kkkkkkkk DPP cadet. So why are these people released? Who is a fool now. Find the meaning of unlawful arrest. They are out as we speak. Don’t bring your stupidity here. They is no grounds on the case. At least you called me a dog. But you are a parasite.

  13. Hon.minister,go ahead,those people are corrupt,go or send someone to Kavitowo F.P. School in Mzimba district,as u go to Manyamula,at a junction between Manyamula and Euthini | Chakazi bridge road;officers there are demanding k100.00 from each person registering yet wa police ali pompo.I appeal to all responsible authorities to act. Kondwani Mc-Iver Tole Edina WaRodney Shaba Rodney Adrian Shaba Fortunate Watsopano Lambulira Benjamin Shaba Mphangela Moyo Angela Thokozile Mike Justice Chrissy Shaba Kapira Love Wa Benjamin Shaba Chammanja Shaba Vitu Blessings Mpofu

    1. Then as a citizen go and open charges against these people. The story and post are not relevant. Its not about corruption but meeting in Mzuzu. So if you have evidence and witness then report to the authority

  14. This kind of leadership is unacceptable. How do you feel to arrest people who are holding their meeting. They have freedom of expression. If you don’t want them to hold meeting or strike then sit down and find solutions. Its a shame that the same people we voted are the same people abusing power. Where is democracy in my country. Getting pay late. Then complain and get arrested. Really!!!!!!!. DPP must make sure they stay in power until Jesus comes because if not I can see these bullies running away.

  15. hahahahahahahaha atumbuka nanunso tamakhalakoni a mtendere. Kodi mmesa mumati mukufuna kukhala ndi dziko lanulanu tsono mukufunamo chiyani mukalembera wachiphaso cha nzika ya Malawi?

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