8 years for raping 6-year-old niece


A court in Mangochi has sentenced a man aged 27 to eight years in prison with hard labour for raping his 6-year-old niece.

The court heard through police prosecutor Grace Mindozo based at Mangochi Police Station that the convict Atibu James raped his niece on May 25, 2017.

According to Mindozo, James went to his brother’s house in Katuli village but the brother was out for business and the rapist found his brother’s wife and two children.

As he was leaving he asked the victim and her 2-year-old brother to escort him.

Few minutes later the children returned home, surprisingly the little girl was dressing up herself properly and her mother got suspicious.

After being asked, the girl revealed that her uncle sexually abused her and gave her K50 in order not to disclose the issue to anyone.

The woman undressed the girl and found semen on her private parts.

She notified her husband and other relatives and later reported the matter to Katuli Police Unit.

A medical test at Katuli Health Centre confirmed that the victim was indeed sexually abused. The rapist was arrested and charged with defilement.

Appearing before court, he pleaded not guilty and the state paraded four witnesses.

After being found guilty he asked court for a lenient punishment.

However, the prosecutor pleaded for a stiff punishment saying it has become a common tendency for men to sexually abuse young girls in the district.

In his submission, First Grade Magistrate Ronald M’bwana said cases of sexual assault have increased in Mangochi and have negative impact on girls’ mental development.

He therefore sentenced the rapist to eight years in prison.

Atibu hails from Katuli village, Traditional Authority Katuli in Mangochi.



  1. everything is upside down in this impoverished stupid piece of shit called malawi. chilichonse za masanje basi. how can a defiler of a 6 year old child be sentenced to only eight years??????????????

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