Rio Riaaz in love with Malawi traditional music


Malawian actor, model and musician Rio Riaaz has brought to light his love for domestic tradition with his music housing local values.

The South African based artist continues to unleash the ways of Malawi through art.

Rio Riaaz

Riaaz (Right) with South Africa’s DJ S’bu.

His latest work, Ku Mulanje, is another full package of local values.

When asked as to why he is still connected to Malawi in a foreign country, Riaaz said home is the best no matter how many years you spend away from home.

“Malawi tradition inspires me when am writing my music and I relate that to modern days. When all is said and done home is the best,” he said

The Machinjiri born artist is on a mission to urbanise Malawian music in the rainbow nation. He believes a musician without an identity is as good as lost.

His music is a combination of a number of local genres. Through the fusion he has managed to come up with a genre people can identify him with.

“Everything is new in my art. We can’t all be doing the same thing, the type of music am doing is a fusion of few genres.”

Ku Mulanje, his song that was fully produced in the rainbow nation is Lomwe-coated. It also bears elements of drama making it worth the laughter besides the dance, when listening to.

He says: “Ku Mulanje is a true reflection of Malawi, trust me.”


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