By September 17, 2017

Police in Malawi have dismissed rumours that there are blood suckers in Mulanje district.

According to the police, reports about the presence of people who are sucking blood of other people in the district are mere rumours that are meant to scare people.

In a statement signed by National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera, the police have warned people against spreading the rumours.

“The police condemns in strongest term the uncivilized behaviour by some unpatriotic Malawians who are fabricating these malicious rumours about blood suckers in Mulanje,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi24.

Police have assured citizens of protection in the country and have advised them not to panic due to the malicious rumours.

The rumours started in Mulanje after two women were taken ill with severe anaemia and claimed to have been attacked by the blood suckers.

The claims saw people demolishing the house of Senior Chief Mkanda as the residents said he failed to act on the reports when he was informed.


  1. Opinion says:

    Malawi still in the dark ages! People believe that a person can suck the blood of another person? Its ridiculous! Maybe they had been watching ‘Dracula’ on TV! The three women being referred to in the story are simply anaemic and need to be eating nutritious, blood manufacturing foods. This is why Education is important!!!!!

  2. Chifundo says:

    Am currently in Mulanje and the romours are everywhere. I oz also skeptical over the issue, but some information that I have gathered, thie issue has to be investigated further. It seems the issue is real and that there are some magic ways involved. My guard reported yesterday that hz neighbour was also attacked, but didnt succeed sucking him. Am told these suckers are using certain chemicals that when spread in the room, people suffocate and in the process lose consciousness. From there,,how blood is drawn from the body, I still dont understand..thats probably where magic is involved. May the police investigate ths further. Investigative journalists, come to Mulanje and,go into the villages to investigate the matter. Let truth be known because here people are scared. They’v stopped sleeping in ther houses. Those that hav bn attacked should be questioned extensively.

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