Woman dumps baby in graveyard


Police in Blantyre have arrested a 20-year-old woman for dumping a newborn baby in a graveyard.

Limbe Police Station Deputy Public Relations Officer Widson Nhlane said the suspect Joyce Nyontho was six months pregnant when she gave birth to a baby girl.

“In the morning of this fateful day, she complained to her boyfriend that she had a stomach ache and later in the same morning hours she delivered a premature baby girl,” he explained.

She then went to a nearby graveyard where she dumped the baby.

Later, a passerby heard the cry of the baby and noted that it was a newly born baby struggling for life.

The matter was therefore reported to Police who took the baby girl and rushed with her to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital where she is receiving treatment.

According to Nhlane, the baby’s mother has been arrested and will appear before court soon to answer charge of concealing birth of a child.

Police are appealing to women in the country to be responsible and refrain from malicious behaviour after giving birth.

Nyontho comes from Chiholomba village, Traditional Authority Kalembo in Balaka district.



    • are you kidding me? there is no bloody excuse for doing what she did, she just happened to be a heartless moron,its just a baby for crying out loud, in whatever we do we should be ready to face the music,she carried that child for 9months just to abandon her? we have reasons why we do stupid things i agree but this 1 my dear ah ah this is horrible

  1. Yaaaa ameneyo mchewa , wachita bwino population ingamasikeko coz achewanu mungoberekana nga makoswe, iiiisssdhhh what kind of munthu is this,?

  2. Please give it to me…. I can take care of the child… Malawi news may you advertise anyone who doesn’t want a child please don’t abort just give it to me..

  3. Amafuna chisikana samadziwa kuti ntchito yomwe amagwirayo zotsatira ndimwana ?? A zimayi akwathukuno amakonda ma plan kwambiri komanso akakomana ndimavuto anji mpaka kukantaya Mwana azimunafenso Pena timalakwitsa ndimadziwa kuti Mumbai ndiyanga koma nkuikana bwanji kuvomera kuti kuthandidza Mwana koma simunkwatira than nkunkaniratu azibambo ena tizapanganadzo manyadzi Mwana atakula ndikupedza ntchito yabwino mmenemo tavutikitsitsa koma nkumatsowa kuti ndikamuyamba bwanji Mwana uja sibwino izi

  4. We need more help for woman. Was she suffering from PPD? Its serious and it happens. Shame. So soooo sad.

    I’m sure there’s actually no understanding of the condition. It is attrocious what she’s done. Even if we can’t cope, the baby should never suffer. But depression does this. PPD does it to people.

    Some woman end up with PPD if they’re left alone. Men leave, and don’t support. Then woman try. Which happened to me. But its a load we can’t carry ourselves. And it literally causes this. Do we know what’s happened. No. But still again. Its no excuse. Babies should not suffer.

  5. Some ladies are stupid when it comes to sex. They don’t think of pregnancy, diseases or divorce. Afterwards they say it was a mistake.

  6. musamalankhule ngat simuchimwa anthu inu mind ur sinful ways coz motowake ndiofanana ndy mukanazitenga ngat abwino mutsamale

  7. Dzina Lake Mungompatsa “Chakumanda’ Paja Wina Nduja Lidadya Linthumbwi Ku Ekwendeni These Cruel Ladies Must Face The Toughest Punishments Not 3 Days Ali Pa Bail Bulshit!!

  8. Mr Guest, Malawian women think that plain sex is a tool to impress a man- result? Unwanted pregnancy! Men also have a problem….. They assume that a woman who give it up ( wholesomely) are in serious love. Zotsatila zimenezi

    • i agree with u cz its becoming a tendancy,y cnt she just leave the baby at an orphanage,some pipo re looking 4 babies

  9. Did U Thnk Only About How Sweet Sex Iz Without Bearing In Mind The Results? 2de U’ve Known Us.Sex Iz Our Food.We Really Eat And Impregnate.But U R So Stupid 4 Throwing Ur Own New Born Baby In A Graveyard And Must B Penalized Greatly.Yes.

  10. Did U Thnk Only About How Sweet Sex Iz Without Bearing In Mind The Results? 2de U’ve Known Us.Sex Iz Our Food.We Really Eat And Impregnate.But U R So Stupid 4 Throwing Ur Own New Born Baby In A Grave And Must B Penalized Greatly.Yes.

  11. Demon-cracy brought all these satanic/ sinful/ stupid/ shameful ideas in Malawi. Bandas one party system was too good bcz he did not allow/ tolerate all these nonsense. People were afraid/ respecting parents/ one another. After Banda everything is in chambos even those people whom they were encouraging people to vote for demon-cracy ( democracy) are unable to control these satanic-activities, one of them is ” our first former democratic-president che Muluzi.

  12. Poor little girl!.. Why don’t you put that child on sell?, I was supposed to buy that child. We don’t have children’s out here then you throw away the child , …… You must be punished for your stupid action!…. Isaaaaaa

  13. Take that baby to offices of all amabungwe in Malawi ,show them all how kind are our women in Malawi. NGOs can’t shout out against that behavior done by women, they only say my dirty pussy my right. Am angry.

  14. You ‘re so stupid anzako akusala kudya kufuna mwana yet you’re dumping the baby to the graveyard.is the baby’s father a ghost from that grave? May God have mercy on you

  15. ya.. when u were enjoying sex did you think of its results? sex is about that … but malawian women are very stupid. they think sex is the only way to keep a man. nop… forget about that. try to hustle hard n be where you want to be. men want hard working women not cheap women

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