Teenager behind bars over chamba


Police in Nkhatabay are keeping in custody a teenager aged 18 for being found with 28 kilograms of cannabis sativa popularly known as chamba.

Nkhatabay police public relations officer Ignatius Esau said Amos Kamanga was arrested at Mukwiya roadblock on Thursday. Arrested.

Amos was travelling from Dwangwa heading to Mzuzu in a minibus and when the vehicle was stopped at Mukwiya roadblock in Nkhatabay, officers on duty came across two expand bags containing the illegal drug.

“When quizzed, the conductor of the minibus identified Amos as the owner of the two bags hence his arrest,” said Esau.

In a related development, 20-year-old Symon Kalusa is behind bars at Chintheche police post for being found with 64kgs of cannabis sativa.

Kalusa was arrested on September 14, 2017 at Matete roadblock after officers stopped a minibus registration number KK 1521 which was on its way to Mzuzu from Dwangwa.

Amos Kamanga who hails from Kaseza village, Traditional Authority (TA) M’mbelwa in Mzimba and Symon Kalusa of Chanunkha Village, TA Mwaulambia   in Chitipa will each answer a charge of being found in possession of cannabis sativa.



  1. in every creation of God,he Said Everytin Z Gud, Inuyo Zeru Yanu inachuluka bwanji kut muzindikile cholengedwa cha yahwe kukhara choipa?, shame on you,pot ndi job gwirani mupeze ya special, poti zopanga a carsberg ndizo mukuona zabwino,

  2. Boma Lingolimbikisa Atsikana Okha Mzinthu Zambiri.Anyamatafe Chanzeru Akutilimbikisa Ndi Mdulidwe Basi..Set Him Free He Was Earning A Living Through That. And That Is A Plant Not A Drug.

  3. It’s time up Malawian that we stand up and let the government know that we went to make use of God given resources.Chamba chamba chamba why people they know that it’s the only way out of this poverty that they into.

  4. So you dont wont teenagers to b independent ? like making something to bring income at home less than those who are rooting our taxes in goverment . I think its tym now goverment to arrow this kind of business coz its all over and every were

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