Malawians should be sensitized on reforms – Speaker

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has emphasized on the need to civic educate Malawians on various reforms such as Electoral Law Reform Bill and other amendments.

Msowoya made the remarks during a meeting with diplomats on preparedness of Parliament to handle the Electoral Law Reform Bill and other amendments including constitutional amendments that are being proposed.

Richard Msowoya
Richard Msowoya: Emphasizing a point.

Among other things during the meeting, Msowoya explained the need for the 28 day requirement after gazetting to allow tabling in the house and the need for public awareness and participation for reforms to have real meanings.

The Speaker met with European Union Elections Observation follow up mission led by Brigitte Markussen and she was accompanied by European Union Ambassador to Malawi Marchel Germann.

Recently, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) met Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera in a meeting where future elections featured highly.

Of utmost importance to the two parties was a discussion on the implementation of 50+1 percent system of electing a president.

PAC Chairperson Dr Felix Chingota and Chakwera also discussed issues surrounding Local Government Act (LGA) reforms.

In his remarks, Chingota said the country would like to see 50+1 implemented since it will allow Malawians to have a leader chosen by the majority of voters.

Chingota added that the religious body is also advocating for implementation of Local Government Act reforms which among other recommendations would see removal of Members of Parliament’s voting power at council level.



  1. Honourable speaker, Malawians are tired of rhetorics. They want walking the talking. Politicians are greedy people. For the civic education to reach the citizenry, they’ll need to beg for money from donors to perform the exercise. But the people themselves will only be told bla bla bla. No follow ups after that. The departments of health and the police at least try their best informing the general public on reforms that happen in their respective departments. Therefore honourable speaker sir, don’t just lip service people give them the reforms you are promising.

  2. civic is adjective and cannot come soon before the verb. To civic educate is grammatically wrong, use civic education please.

  3. More than 50 years after independence, why does the speaker still wear that ridiculous looking wig? It’s clearly not for any Sub-Saharan ethnicity and it’s mighty expensive. So when we talk about being an independent nation yet we still hold onto the symbols of our imperial masters, I bet they laugh at us. Shame!

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