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By September 15, 2017

Zimbabwe’s high flying vocalist Jah Prayzah continues to make headlines on and off the mic in Malawi with the latest news focusing on who his biological father is.

According to some Malawians, Prayzah is the son of legendary Zimbabwean musician, Oliver Mtukudzi.


Jah-Prayzah: Malawians still have questions on who his biological father is.

This is owed to some notable common elements in their music.

However, sources in Zimbabwe refutes the claim about the singer’s biological father.

Other sources only indicate that Prayzah considers the legend as his father along mentorship lines.

Further information sourced by this publication reveal that Jah Prayzah, real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe, is not bloodily related to Mtukudzi.

The Mdhara Vachauya hit maker has worked with the award winning legend on a number of projects, which triggered him to liken their working relationship to that of father and son in 2013, as reported by Nehanda radio dot com.

Mdhara Vachauya, which is also a title track for Prayzah’s latest album, introduced the singer in Malawi early this year.

Disregarding the language barrier, Malawians are in love with the song such that others have gone as far as producing its Chichewa cover.


  1. Kayote Chata says:

    What if u can ask Robert Mugabe!!

  2. Memeza – Afro Bootleg Remix(DJ Ceekay95 & DJ Blent SA)


  3. so what if he is?

  4. Wat 4?

  5. Gift Banda says:

    Exactly…and his collaboration with already well known artists such as Diamond, Mafikizolo and Davido is exposing him alot

  6. Gift Banda says:

    The guy is talented

  7. Consider before post something Malawi24,we proud of you guyz

  8. tilibe nazo ntchito ife

  9. Sam Mvula says:

    Write something that makes sense not this one,wear not chieldren.

  10. Where did people get a start in these lies?

  11. Amanda Tafadzwa Mamire pls do tell???

  12. So u say this debate continues to make headlines in Malawi? this makes me feel like am not in Malawi anyway. The dumbest news article in the year so far.

  13. Why is so special to know about him? Tell us abt our own musicians. Malawi 24 plz grow up! Why r u sweeping outside yet there is too much dust inside? Gv us the biolography of Joe gwaladi.

  14. Kwaaaaaaa

  15. Mfanayu dzina lake ndi mukudzeyi mukombe amachokera Ku murehwa – Harare and Madala ake ndi a John mukombe , samasowa mu kemptone park muthuyu koma zoti ndi mwana wa mtukuzi plz lekani kunama amalawi 24 news

  16. I Dont Know This Man, Can Somebody Remind Me A Song Belong To Jah?

  17. To west my data for this sh***t yu gonna pay me back admn

  18. Zankhani imeneyo ndi ya bodza mamumayo sabala siwake mwanayo koma amaiyo ndiye mwana wake

  19. Iiiiiii Little did I know that this man exist. You say he is a musician? He must be like #Geo_Gwaladi..

  20. Apa mwasowa cholembapo apa, useless and fake news!!

  21. Probably the question could have been, why are Kinnah Phiri’s sons not interested in playing soccer? Or why are JZU’s children not in politics? These two gentlemen have a mark on domestic endeavours.

  22. Zaziiiii,akutchuka ndiwina inu muri busy kupanga post ngati mupezapo 1tambara

  23. News not worthy to be posted

  24. Mzimayi ndamene amadziwa bambo wa mwana

  25. Sven Sato says:

    ths is totally useless…

  26. Outside Malawi I have neva heard ppl busy talking of Malawian products or ppl apart frm being dumb and hard working,Raise ur flags man

  27. Maruva is saying the truth. Jahprayzah’s real name is Mukudzei Mukombe. Si ndiwe wekha amene mumaganiza kuti ndi mwana wa Mtukudzi

  28. what we know at a large extent iz tha jah prazah is a so of Oliver mutukuzi, if anythimg then tell us

  29. Did you ask this dude’s Mum?

  30. kkkk

  31. How is this helpful? Biological or not, will tantamount to nothing before us.

  32. Palibe ndatolapo pa nkhani yi….

  33. mbuzi yamunthu iwe, wasowa nkhani? zimenezi ziri ndi phindu lanji pamoyo wako? undisamale wamva!

  34. in malawi we have so many important issues to discuss about not this jah pra wat? so give us important news please to discuss like why malawi is failing to develop dispite being assisted by donors

  35. Am not sure dikirani ndimuyimbire kaye 4n ndimfunse

  36. Jah praiser is not Oliver Mutukudzi’s son, me and Jar his real name is Mukudzei Mukombe we come from same area here in Zim in an area called Mukombe village actually the Mukombe people are the headman of that village in Uzumba. Otherwise Jar Praiser can only be son to Oliver Mutukudzi in their industry of music.

  37. Oliver had a son Sam who died a couple of years ago and two daughters basi.

  38. Nkhani zatha?

  39. I am failing to get sense out this news

  40. Useless topic.Give us useful news please

  41. Akudziwa ndi mayi ake coz pa tsikulo adali okha pamodzi ndi mwamunayo koma padalibe owaonelera kuti ikhale ngati mboni pankhaniyi

  42. No way dnt misslead pipo Jah Prahz is related to Kenneth Banana

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