Veteran musician Dymon Kudzala dies

Veteran musician Dymon Kudzala of Ndikaima Pa Phiri La Mulanje fame died in the early hours of Tuesday at Mulanje Mission Hospital.

Medical report indicate he died of hypertension.

Dymon Kudzala
Dymon Kudzala no more.

Born in 1944 in Phalombe District, Kudzala spent much of his adult life in teaching profession, first in primary school before specializing in special needs education.

After his retirement, the late Kudzala spent his life at Gulumba village in Mulanje where he continued practicing his music to the extent of recording his new collection at Praise Records at Nkhonya in the district.

Having started his music journey in the early 60s, the sensational vocalist and guitar maestro is credited to have been the one who perfected several local music legends among them the late Maikolo Mukhitho Phiri of Maikolo Yekha Band and the late Allan Namoko of Chimvu River Jazz Band.

His music especially the popular song “Ndikaima Pa Phiri La Mulanje” enjoyed massive airplay on MBC radio during the days when Malawi had only one radio station.

The hit song whose lyrics bear the beauty of geography embroidered in beautiful poetry narrates of a soul laden with life challenges and therefore searching for joy in another life.

Goes the lyrics of the song in part: “Ndikaima pa Phiri La Mulanje Ruo Anditenge Belubelu/Ruo adzanditenga kukandisiya mu Zambezi ine/Zambezi adzanditenga kukandisiya mu Nyanja ya mchere ine/Popeza mavuto achuluka ndifuna ndikapume ine.”

According to a former member of his defunct band Godfrey Gweje, Kudzala met Maikolo Yekha Chiringa in Phalombe and Allan Namoko at Nguludi School for the Deaf where he was his teacher.

Survived by a wife and 6 children with 16 grandchildren, people will remember the late Kudzala as a quiet and good mannered person who was ready to share his talent to the fullest with anyone with joy as he used music to promote brotherhood and friendship. Others describe the fallen Kudzala as the pillar whom many of the younger generation looked up to for wisdom and advice.

After breathing his last at the age of 73, the veteran musician was laid to rest at Gulumba Village on Wednesday.




  1. Ndikaima pa Phiri LA mulanje Ruo anditenge ine kukandisiya mu Zambezi naye Zambezi anditenga belu belu kukandindisiya munyanja ya Mchere. Asaa timavela zimezi ife kuli Radio 1 basi RIP

  2. I didn’t know that he was alive all this time …really they were good old songs though u could have put his photo

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